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Using the Google Web Services API with Flash

Shows how to create a search application using Flash + PHP + Google API. Full source code. By Jeff Hill. 

Using the YouTube API PHP client library

A video that demonstrates how to use the YouTube API with the PHP client library to upload a video to YouTube. The screencast explains the most important parts of the YouTube demo application and includes a section on AuthSub authentication. 

VideoSurf Search API Usage Example

How to retrieve and display the latest episodes of "30 Rock" using VideoSurf's search API. Includes PHP snippet. 

VideoSurf API Example

A fully functional, albeit short, snippet of code to get you up and working quickly with the API. This example demonstrates how to query the API and process the JSON results in PHP. 

Weather Underground API scripts in PHP

Weather Underground API scripts written in PHP. Get forecast and conditions for location output as html for use in html pages and JavaScript. 

WebEx PHP Class Wrapper

A layer of abstraction that makes developing WebEx applications in PHP easier. 

WebPurify PHP Example

PHP implementation example for WebPurify 


PHP wrapper class for WHMCS API (Whmcs.Api.class.php). Currently contains the shell for every call, but only the functions used by this software are coded. This is submitted for you to use on your own projects, please contribute any code you have. 

Wordnik's Library Page

Links to Wordnik's API library. You can access the Wordnik REST API directly, or use these libraries to get started quickly in your language of choice. 

Working with the Yahoo! API

Overview of the Yahoo! Search APIs including image and video APIs. Example application in PHP. At 

Yahoo Term Extraction in PHP5

Simple Term Extraction example in PHP5 by Philipp Lenssen at GoogleBlogoscoped. 

YouTube API Feed Extractor

PHP Class that uses the YouTube API to pull dynamic content to a website. 

Youtube PHP Script

if you are looking for an easy and legal way to publish youtube videos at your website you have reached the right place. with this fabulous and free php script you get access to the great amounts of videos stored at youtube. 



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