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Tracks new music releases from selected artists. Imports lists from Facebook and and notifies via email. 

Twitter, SpotifyMetadata, MusicBrainz, LastFM, FacebookSocialPlugins, FacebookGraph

Create and share music video playlists. Built using the MTV API. 

fuhshniZZle Music Video Jukebox

FuhshniZZle is a music streaming mashup that pulls content from Youtube and allows users to search and play their favorite music, without interruption.  

YouTube, Discogs 
Jplayer for bandcamp

Populate your jplayer playlist with a bandcamp artist discography. 


A jukebox-like playlist for YouTube videos. No need to listen to your own MP3s when YouTube already has everything online. 


Slick open-source Muxtape clone that uses the SoundCloud API. 


Discover new artists and music with an app based on and YouTube APIs. MusicWall creates a list after you provide an artist's name and lets you browse similar artists, discover new music, rediscover old music, or even "go classical". 

YouTube, SpotifyMetadata, LastFM 
MyPlaylist Slideshow

Builds image slideshows along with music, using all the pictures and music that can be found for that artist. Login and build specific playlists, selecting more carefully. 

SeeqPod, Myplaylist, Flickr 

Music video playlists, playing popular pop, rock, hiphop, and dance, with newest music video releases. 26+ hours of uninterrupted and continuously playing music videos. Use it for parties. Integrated YouTube videos. 


Re/Spin leverages the, Rdio, and Spotify Metadata API to allow music lovers to import any of their hand crafted playlists into Rdio. 

SpotifyMetadata, Rdio, LastFM 
Shared Playlists

Shared Playlists is currently a site only for Spotify users to share playlists. If you register it will be able to look at your profile and mash it up with Spotify. 

LastFM, SpotifyMetadata 

Tagging app for OS X - uses tags to help create smart playlists by tagging in iTunes. Synchronizes between and iTunes. Works with Spotify too, and retrieves lyrics for currently playing track. 

LyricWiki, LastFM 

Soundtracking lets users announce what music they are listening to along with where they are and what they are doing at the time. 

Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook 
Tumblr YouTube Mashup

Pulls all YouTube Videos, Creates a Playlist, Plays through the list on AutoPlay. 

YouTube, Tumblr 


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