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Democrat or Republican

Guess if congress members are democrats or republicans based on photos. 

Added: 2013-07-20
SunlightLabsCongress, AppFog, AmazonS3 
Cicero Live

Mashup using Azavea's Cicero API and ESRI's ArcGIS JavaScript API to view districts and view information about elected officials. 

Added: 2012-12-23
ESRIArcGISJavaScript, Cicero 

Predict and Share the outcome of 2012 US Presidential Elections 

Added: 2012-09-06
GoogleMaps, FacebookGraph 
HuffPost Politics Election Dashboard

Maps and electoral vote counts for the 2012 elections. 

Added: 2012-07-07
Proud Democrat iPhone app

All-in-one liberal iPhone app. 

Added: 2010-05-07 
Proud Republican iPhone app

All-in-one political app for conservatives. 

Added: 2010-05-07 
Our Philadelphia

Gives citizens the information and the tools that they need to expose threats to the public interest, and to hold their elected officials more accountable. 

Added: 2010-04-22
Party Map

Where the Political Parties like to Party. Map of fundraiser, lobbying and other political parties and their beneficiaries.  

Added: 2009-12-28
MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash 
Redistricting The Nation

The redistricting following the 2010 Census is an opportunity to change how the redistricting process is conducted. With knowledge and the right tools, the public can redraw the map on redistricting. 

Added: 2009-11-11

Visually track Congress with maps. BillMaps puts Congressional bills on the map.  

Added: 2009-11-10
OpenGovernmentDataInitiative,, GoogleMaps 
Display of US Political Information

Comprehensive display of National, State, and Local political information 

Added: 2009-09-26
SunlightLabsCongress, OpenSecrets, NewYorkTimesCongress, NewYorkTimesCampaignFinance, MapLight, FollowTheMoney 

Dutch politicians news site. News is from the API. 

Added: 2009-08-01

poliTwitter indexes Canadian federal and provincial political tweets in one location. The site maintains a list of politicians and other political tweeters & hash tags. You can view tweets narrowed down by MPs, partisan affiliation, province and more. 

Added: 2009-07-27
TwitterCounter, Twitter, TwitPic, GoogleTranslate, GoogleChart 
Iran Election Protest Tweet Map

Iran Election Protest Tweets from Middle East, Europe, Eastern and Western United States 

Added: 2009-06-15
Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Iran Election Protests - YouTube Videos

Videos from Iran after election day. Includes videos of Riots in Tehran shown on maps where they occurred.  

Added: 2009-06-15
YouTube, GoogleMaps 

First prize winner of 2009 Apps for America mashup contest. Filibusted tracks the frequency at which senators try to stall legislation through filibustering. An 'obstruction rate' is shown for each US senator. 

Added: 2009-04-22
Hello, Congress

Winner of 3rd place in Apps for America contest, Hello Congress lets every Senator and Representative get their own site where their staff can request research, search its briefing room of over 2000 documents and talking points, and track in a dashboard. 

Added: 2009-04-22

Legistalker displays the latest online activity of US Congress Members including mentions in the news and activity in the legislator’s Twitter feed and YouTube channel. Winner of second place prize in 2009 Apps for America contest.  

Added: 2009-04-22
YouTube, Twitter, SunlightLabsCongress, CapitolWords 

Opens up the conversation between you and your representative in Congress by posting your voice message on our website for anyone to listen to and comment on.  

Added: 2009-04-13

A New York Times-built mashup that tracks the activity of elected officials in New York City. Uses the NYTimes Congress API. 

Added: 2009-02-16
NewYorkTimesCongress, GoogleMaps 


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