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2008 US Electoral Map

Mashup of US Electoral Map and Google Maps will allow you to interact with Google maps to calculate 2008 US Electoral votes. Mashup lets you load the map with previous election results and current polls. 

GoogleSpreadsheets, GoogleMaps 
Abdullah Gul Reviews

Review mashup for new Turkish President Mr. Abdullah Gul. You can enter the location where you live and put reviews on the map about Mr. Abdullah Gul. 

Access Denied Map

See censorship efforts targeting online social networking communities and other apps. Each marker highlights a specific country barring access to major websites. Details include text, images or video describing the censorship and efforts to combat it. 

Air Travel Emissions Calculator

A Google Maps mashup that allows you to calculate the per-passenger greenhouse gas emissions created by a commercial airline flight between any two airports. 

GoogleMaps uganda

By mapping information about ongoing community-led philanthropic partnerships in northern Uganda, this site helps American citizens aggregate their resources to support post-conflict transformation. 

Atlas News

An Atlas using Google maps. Upon querying a country, the map locates the country, it provides a list of useful links to learn about the country in question, and a aggregation of news from major RSS providers, filtered by country in Yahoo pipes. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxFeeds, BBC 
Barack Obama Inauguration Map

MSNBC has an interative map highlighting points of interest along parade route to the White House where he will take the oath of office. Has layers of overlaid data that can be toggled on and off. 

Barack Obama White House Journey

A Fly by tour in Google Earth of the Barack Obama journey from his birthplace in Honolulu, Hawaii to White House. With YouTube Videos of some of the stops. 

YouTube, GoogleEarth 

Visually track Congress with maps. BillMaps puts Congressional bills on the map.  

OpenGovernmentDataInitiative,, GoogleMaps 
Bring Soldiers Home Cities

These US cities have voted resolutions to bring US Army home and out of Iraq. 

Bush History Map

See George W's life history plotted on this Google Map. 

Candidate Aronsohn Walks

Use of Google Maps on the campaign trail. NJ congressional candidate Paul Aronsohn uses this map to show to local towns visited, 51, and doors knocked, 4354. 

Cicero Live

Mashup using Azavea's Cicero API and ESRI's ArcGIS JavaScript API to view districts and view information about elected officials. 

ESRIArcGISJavaScript, Cicero 

CityCon allows you to find detailed information about any member of the current 110th U.S. Congress. 

CityRanks US Populations

This mashup uses 2000 Census data and Google Maps. Each zip is color coded by population density. Adding a lot of cities to the map makes it resemble election results. There's also a search function to see where your hometown ranks with other cities. 

CNN iReports Map

The CNN iReports Map, set on the Barack Obama inauguration parade route, allows readers to submit their own stories and reports from the event. 

CNN meets Pop-up Politicians

This mashup modifies CNN articles, integrating the Congressional voting history, campaign finance history, etc. for members of the House and Senate mentioned in the page text. This mashes up and the Pop-up Politicians widget from Sunlight Labs. 

Congressional Travel Maps

View where your congressperson has traveled, how much it cost and which private interest paid for the trip. Part of the Congressional travel database. 

CPI Media Tracker

From the Well Connected project at The Center for Public Integrity, the Media Tracker is an online database that, aside from mapping broadcast towers, provides an array of data on the reach and influence of companies that control the flow of information. 

Democrat Convention Map

A map showing the delegation venues for the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado, on August 25-28, 2008. 



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