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Democrat or Republican

Guess if congress members are democrats or republicans based on photos. 

SunlightLabsCongress, AppFog, AmazonS3 
Display of US Political Information

Comprehensive display of National, State, and Local political information 

SunlightLabsCongress, OpenSecrets, NewYorkTimesCongress, NewYorkTimesCampaignFinance, MapLight, FollowTheMoney 
duhBATE 08

Example of the Jaduka Web-initiated calling and voice recording services as applied to interactive marketing. 

Earmark Map

See if any of the 500 million dollars in Congressional earmarks get to your town. This mashup from the Sunlight Foundation plots 2,230 earmarks for fiscal 2007. 

FEC Candidate ID Lookup

Find the campaign contribution information for each US election candidate using this lookup tool based on the MAPLight API. 


First prize winner of 2009 Apps for America mashup contest. Filibusted tracks the frequency at which senators try to stall legislation through filibustering. An 'obstruction rate' is shown for each US senator. 

Follow Oil Money

An interactive tool that tracks the flow of oil money in U.S. politics, displaying Federal contributions as maps and drillable tables. Shows members of congress and presidential races for multiple years. 

SunlightLabsCongress, DemocracyInAction 
Following Political Dollars

Useful mashup that lets you see who has been donating money to which political party by zip code. Good combination of raw data, charts and maps. Data source is The Fundrace Project. 

French Presidential Elections Map

Tracking campaign appearances by major candidates. In French. 

From Refugee Camps to Princeton U

Google map of the journey of Abass Hassans from Somalia Refugee Camps in Kenya to Princeton University. 

Greenpeace Crop Circles

This mashup was banned by the French courts. Greenpeace created this to show where Monsanto was genetic engineering maize. This link takes you to the Greenpeace report and the mashup. 

Hello, Congress

Winner of 3rd place in Apps for America contest, Hello Congress lets every Senator and Representative get their own site where their staff can request research, search its briefing room of over 2000 documents and talking points, and track in a dashboard. 

HuffPost Politics Election Dashboard

Maps and electoral vote counts for the 2012 elections. 

Inauguration Scrapbook

It was built over a couple of days right after the inauguration by a group of Obama supporters. Millions of people wished to make it to D.C. but were unable. Now, anyone can share, view, and vote on images capturing that special series of days.  

GooglePicasa, Flickr 
Iran Election Protest Tweet Map

Iran Election Protest Tweets from Middle East, Europe, Eastern and Western United States 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Iran Election Protests - YouTube Videos

Videos from Iran after election day. Includes videos of Riots in Tehran shown on maps where they occurred.  

YouTube, GoogleMaps 
Iraq Coalition

Interactive map of current and past members of the Iraq Multinational Coalition, current troop count by country, and related links. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAdSense 
Joe Biden's Journey

Map that traces the life of US Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden.  

John McCain Mapped

Google map of the journey of John McCain from his birth place in Panama Canal Zone to possibly the White House. 

Key Political Races Map

An MSNBC news site. Superimposes a VE map of the US and pushpin symbols that reveal key races during the 2006 election when the mouse is hovered over them. 



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