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Ask 500 People

Real-time polling mashup. People can ask questions and watch the answers come in real-time, with geographic locations. 

HuffPost Politics Election Dashboard

Maps and electoral vote counts for the 2012 elections. 

Influence Tracker launched the Influence Tracker widget to provide voters with financial information that influences political candidates. For example, by entering a senators name Influence Tracker will output capital contributions that might have swayed that senators vote., OpenSecrets 
Phone Polling

Create a poll, and poll all your friends over the phone. This is great for RSVP events. Beats asking "Are you coming to my party tonight" to 10 friends. 

HoiioVoice, GoogleChart, GoogleAppEngine 
US Election Polls: Votes by Strength of States

Data from: Based on presidential election polls, the widget sums electoral votes and groups them into strong states, weak states, etc., to illustrate how much each candidate relies on weak states votes. Data from 


Multi-click real-time polls for real fans and real cynics 



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