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Sermon Audio - Python Wrapper

This is a small python wrapper to the Sermon Audio API 

Added: 2014-03-25

Small python interface example using Vircurex API. 

Added: 2014-03-25
Cross-platform System Monitor

Building a Cross-Platform System Monitor with Ubidots, Python, and psutil 

Added: 2014-01-18
ChargeOver Python DevKit


Added: 2013-09-25
Python client for PushBullet


Added: 2013-02-23
Scheduling Miniserver Snapshots

This blog post explains how to schedule miniserver snapshots using Memset's API. 

Added: 2012-06-25
Tutorial: creating a bitcoin instawallet clone with python and django

Tutorial: creating a bitcoin instawallet clone with python and django 

Added: 2012-06-21

Wrapper for the BuzzData library. So far Python is the only implemented language, but JS is planned as well. 

Added: 2012-06-19
Python Code Samples for the Group Texting REST API

Python Code Samples for the Group Texting REST API 

Added: 2012-04-11

A Twitter library for Python! Features: + OAuth support + Up-to-date with Twitter API + Actively under development + Streaming API support + Cache system (memory, file, memcache) + Python 3 branch 

Added: 2011-11-16

GeoTran is a tool meant to help geocachers who travel to a foreign country, but do not speak the language. GeoTran invokes Google Translator to translate the pocket queries 

Added: 2011-09-05
Phone Free

This project lets anyone with a Twilio account install their own browser phone. The web app lets you make outbound calls from your browser, receive inbound calls in your browser from your Twilio number, and let's your friends call you from their browsers.  

Added: 2011-08-15
Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
Python Code Examples (REST API)


Added: 2011-07-13
Aculab Cloud Voicemail

How to write a voicemail system Our voicemail tutorial takes you step by step into the process of creating a telephonic voicemail system. After reading this tutorial, you will understand the principles of: �Text-To-Speech (TTS) �Recording messages, and using the Cloud media store �Playing messages on the Cloud media store �Using DTMF detection �Playing DTMF sounds as prompts for messages �Using application arguments within your own programs �Using a menu system �Handling errors and unexpected hangups �Identifying the caller of your application To navigate through the tutorial, use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of this screen. Well, what are you waiting for? Let's make a voicemail system!  

Added: 2011-07-05
Factual Shell

This is a small project that I created at the Factual Hackathon. It could be a good way for people to use Factual data from the command line and also to see how to use Factual API from Python -mb --- Mike Borozdin @mikebz  

Added: 2011-05-22
Filmaster API

Python code of the Filmaster open movie recommendations API. 

Added: 2011-01-24
Ripped Records Source Code

Ripped Records shows upcoming concerts in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland. The code is open-sourced and based on the Django platform using Python. 

Added: 2010-10-21
MusicBrainz, LastFM, CloudMade 
AMS Server

C# and Python APIs for VoIP and IP telephony applications 

Added: 2010-08-02
Using Speech Input Instead of Touch-Tone

How to use speech input instead of touch-tone input. 

Added: 2010-07-27
Python Yahoo! Weather app for Twitter

Asks for a 5-digit zipcode entry, then retrieves and sends weather info from to a Twitter account. 

Added: 2010-07-27
YahooWeather, Twitter, Tropo 


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