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Outbreak Watch

Outbreak Watch provides real-time disease metrics based on social network interest. 

Added: 2012-08-23
Social Buzz

Social Buzz is a Real-Time Search Engine for Facebook, Twitter and Google+, created by the Social Searcher company. The new tool provides brand new user experience for the internet surfers and useful features for the marketing profs, such as: multiple keywords, exact keywords and minus keywords tool; quick location, content and popularity filtering; deep search results analytics; special three-column layout interface of the search results. 

Added: 2012-08-14
Twitter, GooglePlus, GoogleMaps, FacebookRealtimeUpdates 

Experience dynamic augmented-reality driving and real-time collision detection. OnRoad improves driving in realtime using the power of advanced smartphones. The app uses the smartphone’s native camera and sensors to detect vehicles in front of the host vehicle, alerting drivers when they are in danger. Uses the picitup API. 

Added: 2012-02-06
Now Playing on BBC Radio

See what tracks are playing on the radio, see artist information, news stories, events, images, biographies and reviews all in real-time to BBC national radio stations. Scrobble tracks to or post to Facebook, all in realtime. 

Added: 2012-02-01
MusicBrainz, LastFM, FacebookGraph, EchoNest, BBCMusic, BBC, 7digital, Songkick, Wikipedia 
Twitter Multilingual Voice Search

Twitter voice search in multiple languages. Features include Search-by-Voice, Search-as-You-Type, Real-time Search Suggestions, "Did you say" Speech-to-Text Corrections, Real-Time Update Notifications and 66 Speech-to-Text Languages. 

Added: 2011-06-12
SummizeTwitterSearch, GoogleAppEngine, Twitter 

ShooSpy monitors what people are buying on Zappos in realtime. 

Added: 2011-04-25

Multi-click real-time polls for real fans and real cynics 

Added: 2011-01-29
Facebook lets you experience the web together. Invite your friends and use synchronized apps with them. * Watch Youtube videos. * Listen to Grooveshark music. * Upload and view documents together. (powered by More apps coming soon...  

Added: 2010-12-02
YouTube, Scribd, Grooveshark 
Twitstant - Twitter Instant Search

Like Google Instant, but this uses Twitter's Search API to search Twitter instantly. As the user types, this mashup quickly provides tweet results. 

Added: 2010-11-05
Current Weather

A geolocation-aware mashup that shows current weather forecast along with recent social media feeds from Twitter, Flickr and Youtube. 

Added: 2010-10-25
YouTube, Twitter, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
2lingual Twitter Search

Twitter Search in 2 separate languages. As an option, we can translate your query into your second selected Twitter Search Language and find tweets that include that translated query. Features include Search-as-you-Type, 21 Twitter Search Languages, Update Notifications and Side-by-Side Dual-language Search Results. 

Added: 2010-10-08
SummizeTwitterSearch, GoogleAJAXLanguage 
Twitter Instant Search

Twitter Search faster. Features include Search-as-you-Type, 21 Twitter Search Languages, Update Notifications and Instant Search Results. 

Added: 2010-10-07
Real-Time Foursquare Check-ins Map

A real-time map visualization of Foursquare check-ins shared on Twitter. 

Added: 2010-09-28
Twitter, GoogleMaps, Foursquare 
Near Real-time Twitter

Search and follow tweets in near real-time using keywords/tags. 

Added: 2010-09-22

A massively multi-player online crossword puzzle that happens in real-time via Pusher API. Built in 48 hours for a Node.js competition. 

Added: 2010-09-15

Shows off the real-time capabilities of the Pusher API by letting all users of a site see the same sticky notes at the same time, including updates in location and content of the notes. 

Added: 2010-09-15
Audi 411

Audi 411 provides Audi enthusiasts a real-time stream of Audi Twitter updates, Audi news, Audi pictures & wallpapers, Audi videos, Audi Facebook updates, Audi links, plus chat, and more. 

Added: 2010-08-28
YouTube, Twitter, TwitPic, Flickr, Facebook, EBay 
TimeBridge and

Allows users to share files from their Box accounts using TimeBridge, where they can discuss and collaborate around them in real-time with other users. 

Added: 2010-04-17

A mobile phone app for finding real-time bus arrivals for Madison Metro (Madison, WI). Just text your specific request to receive real-time arrival estimates.  

Added: 2010-02-26
Twilio, GoogleAppEngine, TwilioSMS 
Backchannel .us

Create your own Twitter live backchannel instantly on any Twitter search query. Handy for events and or social tv. 

Added: 2010-02-23


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