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Hurricane Ike: Twitter Chatter + YouTube Videos

See in realtime the Twitter chatter about Hurricane Ike and the v... 

YouTube, Twittervision, Twitter
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1088

geoDesktop based on GMAP2, with thousands of public WMS layers, u... 

Rating: 4.4 
Visits: 927 
Flickr Real Time

Real-time visualizations of the stream of information flowing int... 

Rating: 4.6 
Visits: 897 
Mobile GPS Tracking

Windows Mobile and Microsoft Virtual Earth in real-time. 

Rating: 3.0 
Visits: 706 
Chicago Transit Authority Bus Tracker

See lots of useful bus route and status data on this CTA mashup f... 

Rating: 3.5 
Visits: 515 

SpyTickr spys on Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket,, Linke... 

YouTube, Twitter, Photobucket, LinkedIn, Jaiku, Flickr,
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 458 

A visualization for that shows diggs in realtime on a wo... 

GoogleMaps, Digg
Rating: 4.3 
Visits: 458 

Project picks the real-time data for two given keywords from publ... 

YouTube, YahooGeocode, Twitter, Technorati, NewYorkTimesNewswire, Flickr, Digg
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 420 
Where Are Trains?

This mashup displays and animates in real-time the location of fr... 

GoogleMaps, Dapper
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 400 
Real-Time Foursquare Check-ins Map

A real-time map visualization of Foursquare check-ins shared on T... 

Twitter, GoogleMaps, Foursquare
Rating: 4.6 
Visits: 381 
Twitter Spy

Displays the Twitter public timeline in real-time with Google Map... 

Twitter, GoogleMaps
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 324 
Internet Realtime Emotions

The infovisualization shows the real-time emotions of the social ... 

Twitter, Collecta
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 305 

MeGlobe is a multiprotocol instant messaging application that app... 

YahooMessenger, MSNMessenger, AIM
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 305 
Backchannel .us

Create your own Twitter live backchannel instantly on any Twitter... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 230 

Real time image search powered by twitter and twitpic APIs. Integ... 

Twitter, TwitPic, Tumblr, FeedBurner
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 229 
Flickr Spy

See live photo uploads on as they happen. 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 229 
Current Weather

A geolocation-aware mashup that shows current weather forecast al... 

YouTube, Twitter, GoogleMaps, Flickr
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 229 

Monitor Twitter for tweets linking to your domains (or competitor... 

BackType, BackTweets
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 210 

GeoChirp helps you search real time for people Twittering for spe... 

MaxMindGeoIP, GoogleTranslate, GoogleMaps,, Twitter
Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 210 
Reddit Livestream

See how reddit comments, votes and articles are added to the home... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 190 


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