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Doc2Cloud allows you to work with documents in cloud services like, Google Docs, Zoho and Dropbox from inside Microsoft Office.  

GoogleSpreadsheets, GoogleDocsList, Dropbox, Box, Zoho 
Domains by Topic via

Interesting mashup uses the top 50,000 sites as determined by Alexa and tags to organize domains by topic. It can be used to find high quality links in the topic area of your choice that is both topically related and likely to be high-powered., AlexaTopSites 
Easy Time Zone

Point-and-click time zone locator. Find what time and date it will be anywhere in relation to a reference location and time. Use EasyTZ to schedule conference calls and plan meetings across TimeZones. 


eBookXP uses Google's Ajax Libraries and Search API's designed to search eBooks, magazines, textbooks and online publication files available in websites, forums and blogs.  

GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAJAXLibraries 

EggJax is a compact mashup constrained within the confines of a small egg. Several useful functions, derived from popular API's, are available quickly and concisely. 

YahooMaps, YahooLocal, YahooGeocode, WhitePages, Tinylink 
Elevation Demo

Click any location on the map to know its elevation. 

WindowsLiveSpaces, USGSElevation, MicrosoftBingMaps 
Emagister Symposium

Emagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers. 

Twitter, GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMaps, GoogleClientAuth, Facebook 
Energy TACO

Energy TACO is a Google Chrome extension which was developed during the 1st ever Cleanweb Hackathon by Matthew (@matthewfong) and Michael (@Dogtown7) from Genability (@genability). TACO stands for Total Annual Cost of Ownership. The extension allows you to seamlessly see the true cost of electronics by displaying how much you will spend each year to plug the device in. We put that cost right on the page of whatever site* you're shopping on. 


Episkeptis helps users identify the best restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes in their city, with the help of their Facebook friends. Users are able to rate, recommend and share their favorites. Site is in Greek. 

GoogleMaps, Facebook 
Equation Editor

Realtime interactive LaTeX equation editor in a widget format. 

Etsy Signature

Display your Etsy profile, shop or listings in a signature banner image which you can use in forums, emails, websites, blogs, etc.. This dynamic signature will update automatically if you change your profile, shop info or if you add new items to your shop.  

Etsy, Facebook, Flickr 
Explore TEDxAlger

This is an experimental work for TEDxAlger (Algeria). A page that shows who will be attending the event and Twitter streaming using HTML5 and Nodejs. 

Twitter, Nodester, Facebook 
Facebook Spectrum

Facebook Spectrum allows the users of Facebook to get a birds-eye view of their friends on Facebook. It acts as an insight application for your Facebook account. 

GoogleVisualization, GoogleMaps, GoogleChart, GoogleAnalytics, FacebookSocialPlugins, FacebookGraph 

FairSpin collects all the latest news and opinion from across the web and uses community votes to organize results from left (liberal) to right (conservative). Get a full picture of today's news.  

Fast Criminal Records

Fast Criminal Records provides the most complete online criminal records on anyone you know - instant, anonymous & accurate. 

Fastest Growing US States

Map of the tastest growing American states as being reported by Fortune magazine. 

FB Time Machine

Time travel through Facebook with FB Time Machine. This mashup uses Facebook, Facebook Graph and the Google App Engine and lets you view all of your friends' status updates and posted links (ever). Results are displayed on one page.  

GoogleAppEngine, FacebookGraph, Facebook 
Federal Loan Today

Federal loans, state loans and grant resource. Users can click on an interactive map to view the loans and grants available in different states. 

Find a Beer

Search for breweries via Brewery DB by specifying a location or clicking a location on a map. 

GoogleFont, GoogleAppEngine, ESRIArcGISJavaScript, BreweryDB, Bing 
Find a Car is a place to find new and used vehicles for sale, car dealerships, and reviews from all across the United States. 

GoogleAdSense, CityGrid, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleMaps, Oodle, YouTube 


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