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This app lets you find local restaurant freebie offerings and BXGX (Buy Something Get Something) Free promotions in your area. 


Randolunch selects a random restaurant for you to try based on your location. Perfect for when you can't decide where to eat! 

Yelp, GoogleMaps 
Restaurant Finder

The Restaurant Finder app leverages the Zomato API. It offers a convenient way to find restaurants around a particular location 

Restaurant Gift Certificates

I took all the discounts on and sorted them by 3rd party ratings from sites like yelp. 

Yelp, GoogleMapsFlash 
Restaurant Guide in India

This site is for providing a directory like help to locate restaurants using a map. 

GoogleMashupEditor, GoogleMaps 
Restaurant Maniac

Google Maps mashup for those wanting to discover new restaurants in a specific area. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch 
Table's Ready

Table's Ready is a paging system that uses your guest's cell phones instead of expensive pager systems. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

TapGuest is a digital waitlist application for iPad and mobile phones that uses Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs. 

Twitter, TwilioSMS, Twilio, Facebook 

Tourism network to share hobbies. Users can add points of interest on monuments, restaurants, hotels and other things that are of interest to them. 

Twitter-Trending Local Restaurants

Browse Twitter-trending restaurants and bars in San Francisco, New York, LA and 10 more top Twitter cities. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
V3GGIE - Vegetarian Search Engine

Vegetarian search engine based on Yahoo BOSS and more. 

YahooBOSS, Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising 

For restaurants who are tired of keeping customers chained to a small radius with those antiquated pagers. Keeps your waiting list for you and uses text messages to notify customers when their table is ready. 

Your Mapper

Your Mapper news organization aims to be the most effective platform for bringing your community high quality, local data on maps. Your Mapper is eats its own dogfood: it was built entirely using its own API.  

YourMapper, YahooMaps, Twitter, ShareThis, MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleWebmasterTools, GoogleTalk, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, GoogleAnalytics, GoogleAdWords, GoogleAdSense, geocoder, Compete, CafePress, BingMaps uses the MenuMania API to fetch a list of restaurants and cafes in every town throughout New Zealand. Contains community and real estate market information. 



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