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Recent Activity FeedFlare

Shows the last item bookmarked by the blog owner on the social bookmarking website. 

Recent Activity FeedFlare

Mashup of and the Feedburner FeedFlare API. Shows the last song listened to by the blog owner on along with a user profile link. 

LastFM, FeedBurner 
Rhapsody Top Feeds

A Google Gadget that polls top songs and album feeds from Rhapsody RSS to let users stay on top of news about their favorite artists. 

Rhapsody, GoogleHomepage 

RSS2twitter is an RSS-to-Twitter posting application. Automatically get RSS feed entries added to Twitter. Use it for you blog or any other feed type. 


Track the most popular news and other threads online via RSSmeme. Integrates with FriendFeed API. 


The kitchen sink. Internet search, weather, movies, sms, rss, airfare search, image aearch, meebo, amazon search, stocks data, etc. 

Search Exploder

This uses two Yahoo pipes chained together. The first searches a default list of RSS feeds for terms you provide. The results are processed and an extra link is added that calls a pipe to run a Yahoo Search to give more details about the article topic. 

Shopping Master

Latest product information aggregated from and Updated through RSS Syndication. 

AmazonProductAdvertising Widgets

Takes all your favourite online information and displays in it one spot. Similar to igoogle or netvibes. 

GoogleBase, GoogleAppEngine, Flickr 

Siftlinks monitors your Twitter friend stream and extracts the tweets that contain URL's, creating an easy to consume RSS feed for you to subscribe to and peruse at your leisure. 


Find the connection or six-degrees of separation between topics. Mashes RSS feeds with the ClearForest API. Offers REST and SOAP interfaces so you can build on top of it. All connections exposed through RDF so you can to build the Semantic Web. 

Technorati, ClearForest, Blogger 

Skeedy is a free news aggregator. Topics are defined by users themselves. News come from several sources such as youtube, amazon, yahoo news, digg, flickr, etc.. Users can choose between three profiles (Geek, Fan, Calm) to receive more or less news.  

YouTube, SemanticHacker, MusicBrainz, Flickr, Collecta, Calais,, Bing 
Skype Based RSS Reader is a skype mashup using the Skype API as a server to provide RSS subscritption and notification service. 

Skype, EBay 
Small Yahoo Maps in Flex

Demonstrates the workaround provided by Yahoo for using Maps in Flex 2. Uses some sample code as base and adds some simple features like plotting geoRSS, regular RSS, and traffic and weather by zip code. 

SMS GeoBlogging Service

Blog based on your location. Users can request posts based on their location or subscribe to RSS feeds. It also provides a way for users to enrich their blogs with Yahoo Pipes. 

YahooMaps, BTWeb21C 
Snapcasa and delicious Mashup

Uses PHP and xslt to transform RSS feeds from Flickr into thumbnailed HTML pages. See demo and download code to run it on your own site. 


Snippee lets you read, share and discuss the news and social snippets from all the services you use. 

Twitter, Sendible, LinkedIn, LastFM, GoogleAJAXLibraries, FriendFeed, Flickr, Facebook,, Calais, Brightkite 

Generates a feed of new and upcoming music releases from the artists you scrobble on 

Speak It All

An online language-learning site providing tutoring and coaching for Arabic, French, and Spanish. 


Spinlets are small widgets for Web 2.0 sites you can post onto your blog, website or network profile. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr, Facebook 


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