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Easily create a personal startpage. A simpler alternative to iGoogle and Netvibes. Currently for Dutch and English-speaking users. 


Exposes the twitter timeline RSS feed via a private link. This helps to tackle problems with the recently enforced Oauth mechanism. Makes use of the feed in other mashups or e.g. archiving in RSS readers possible. 


A modular, tabbed interface Ajax application, supporting a growing number of custom plug-ins. 

Technorati Blog Search via Yahoo Pipes

Technorati Search sucks in a Technorati search feed for the query of your choice and hands back a JSON object via Yahoo Pipes, ready to insert inline via the usual methods. With implementation details and source code. 

The Web 2.0 Toolbar

Save time and keep up on the latest Web 2.0 news right from one browser toolbar. The Free Web 2.0 Toolbar aggregates the best of Social Search, Social Bookmarking, Social Pics, Social Video and Social News websites. 

Technorati, Flickr, 

ThyNews is a social news reader to let you create and share your own custom online newspaper page full of headline links from the news sources you trust.  

JanrainEngage, GoogleAJAXLibraries, GoogleAjaxFeeds, AddThisSharingEndpoints 
ThyNews for Android

ThyNews for Android is a free, easy to use news reader app designed to let you easily read news and add the news sources you trust quickly. 


View popular news feeds and current Top 10 lists. Sources include, Digg and Magnolia. 

Ma.gnolia, Digg,, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Web-based RSS aggregator with PostRank from aideRSS built in. Manage existing feeds, lifestream, or use it as a discovery engine with other users. 


TumblRSS lets you import content from RSS Feeds into Tumblr. 

Turtilla RSS Mashup Tool

Turtilla is an online service which allows you to search and filter content related to your interests. This content is captured from a large variety of sources. The generated results can be converted to an RSS feed. 

YouTube, Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Allows you to create a custom RSS feed from searching twitter. Get updates by topic, not by person. 

Wallabee a Street Culture Aggregator

This mashup combines the RSS feeds of leading street culture blogs to one stream. Visitor can drag and drop individual feeds or browse the archives. 

Weather by Phone

A Twilio howto where you use Python to ask a caller for a zip code, grab the current weather for that zip code from an RSS feed, and read it back to the caller. All hosted on Google App Engine. 

Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
Web 2.0 Announcer

A social media mashup with news entries, videos, and extra features like tag browsing and rss feeds for specific tags 

YahooMyWeb, Ma.gnolia, Digg,, CNET 
Web 2.0 Filter

Latest Web 2.0 news from various Web 2.0 news sites. Site uses Yahoo Pipes. 

Wiki News Direct

News aggregation site with stock quotes. Uses Google AdWords, Ajax Feeds, Plus and Sidewiki, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twittercounter APIs. 

TwitterCounter, LinkedIn, GoogleSidewiki, GooglePlus, GoogleAjaxFeeds, GoogleAdWords, Facebook 

Find interesting facts in a fun way on all the countries of the world. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr 
Yahoo Mail via RSS

Get notified of Yahoo Mail via a feed of RSS or Atom. 

YahooMail, GoogleAppEngine 
Youtube Favorites RSS

Enter your Youtube username and press the button to create an RSS feed with embedded movies of your Youtube Favorites. 

YouTube, Dapper 


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