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3D Geology Maps

This site combines geologic information with Virtual Earth 3D maps to create a colorful and informative view of the topography of several western states. 

ACT Scores by US State

Google Mapping ACT Scores by state in math, reading, science, and English categories.  

Air Travel Emissions Calculator

A Google Maps mashup that allows you to calculate the per-passenger greenhouse gas emissions created by a commercial airline flight between any two airports. 

BBC On Move

Join us as we explore some of the most awe inspiring events on Planet Earth: great animal migrations. We are asking you to contribute to the project wherever it happens. 

Biodiversity Taxonomic Catalogue

A way to explore all life forms in a taxonomic way. Useful for students, scientists and curious people. Flickr and GBIF ( APIs. 

Flickr, GlobalBiodiversityInformationFac 
Birds of Central Park Map

Very nice map featuring locations of photos from the book Birds of Central Park. 

Birds of the World

Browse through birds of the world, categorized by continent and country. When you click a bird link, photos are retrieved from Flickr, and Wikipedia integration appears. 

Wikipedia, Flickr 
Book vs Movie

What's better, the book or the movie? The answer to an age old debate, using science. 

SendGrid, RottenTomatoes, Goodreads 
Chemistry Quiz

Teaches the Periodic Table of Elements. 

Climate Change 2030

Architecture 2030 study of climate induced sea level rise on coastal cities in United States. See side by side images of what will happen. 

Cosmos and Culture

An entry for the Science Museum's API competition. Features a large gallery, location map, and object timeline. 

ScienceMuseum, GoogleMaps

Excellent visualization of current daylight and nighttime regions around the world. Use the Options bar on the right to tune the settings. 

Earth Sandwich

If the earth were a sandwich. Fun way to find the antipodal, oposite side, point for any place on the earth. See them both side-by-side and drag them around. From Ze Frank. 

Earthquake Vulnerable Cities

Shows the 20 cities most vulnerable to an earthquake and the possible number of deaths that may result. 

Earthquakes in Last 7 Days

Real-time, worldwide earthquake list for the past 7 days on Flash-based Yahoo Map.  

Earthquakes this Week

Google Map of earthquakes worldwide within the past seven days. 

Elevation Demo

Click any location on the map to know its elevation. 

WindowsLiveSpaces, USGSElevation, MicrosoftBingMaps 
Emagister Symposium

Emagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers. 

Twitter, GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMaps, GoogleClientAuth, Facebook 

EpiSPIDER is an application that plots emerging infectious disease information from ProMED Mail, combines it with country info from the CIA Factbook and PubMED, extracts location using natural language processing and plots them on Google Maps. 

Famous Firsts Quotes

A Google Gadget with a daily quote about first-time events recorded in sports, music, television, movies, politics, nature, history, fashion, fads, literature, science, and more. 



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