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Emagister Symposium

Emagister Symposium is a new scientific and educational events portal licensed to different universities and educational and investigation centers. 

Added: 2012-05-25
Twitter, GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMaps, GoogleClientAuth, Facebook 
Science Stack

Science Stack is a powerful tool for researchers that combines Mendeley and PloS searches with innovative ways of interacting with the search functionality (like "select and search" in Firefox). 

Added: 2011-10-28
PLoSSearch, Mendeley 
Sky Map

Astronomy videos superimposed on a map of the night sky using the Google Maps and YouTube API's. 

Added: 2011-03-31
YouTube, GoogleMaps 

ReaderMeter displays author statistics based on readership data obtained from Mendeley. It also shows readership breakdown for individual publications and offers a JSON interface to its contents. 

Added: 2010-09-09
Mendeley, GoogleVisualization 
Cosmos and Culture

An entry for the Science Museum's API competition. Features a large gallery, location map, and object timeline. 

Added: 2010-09-08
ScienceMuseum, GoogleMaps 
Square Root Calculator

Square Root Calculator that uses Google Chart API formulas. 

Added: 2010-07-09
Turkish Earthquakes

Turkish earthquakes with embedded widgets. It uses Google Maps for location display. 

Added: 2009-11-13
GoogleMaps, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleAJAXLibraries, GoogleAdSense 

Plant and gardening maps featuring an interactive USDA zone hardiness map. 

Added: 2009-09-07
Biodiversity Taxonomic Catalogue

A way to explore all life forms in a taxonomic way. Useful for students, scientists and curious people. Flickr and GBIF ( APIs. 

Added: 2009-09-01
Flickr, GlobalBiodiversityInformationFac 
Photos of Life

You can browse between living beings kingdoms and see word distributions and photos from Flickr. GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) provides taxonomy APIs and word distribution maps. 

Added: 2009-07-07
GlobalBiodiversityInformationFac, Flickr 
Birds of the World

Browse through birds of the world, categorized by continent and country. When you click a bird link, photos are retrieved from Flickr, and Wikipedia integration appears. 

Added: 2009-04-10
Wikipedia, Flickr 
Mountains of the world

Browse through all the mountains of the world categorized by continent, country. The mountain coordinates are mapped in Google maps, along with photos got from flickr. Provision is given to visit the details about the mountain in Wikipedia from the Map 

Added: 2008-12-14
Wikipedia, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr 
Earthquake Vulnerable Cities

Shows the 20 cities most vulnerable to an earthquake and the possible number of deaths that may result. 

Added: 2008-08-01
Pubmed Faceoff

Shows Chernoff Faces visualization to represent the impact factor data of a paper alongside Pubmed biomedical literature search results. Basically it allows you to search PubMed and have the results represented as a set of human faces. 

Added: 2008-07-02
BBC On Move

Join us as we explore some of the most awe inspiring events on Planet Earth: great animal migrations. We are asking you to contribute to the project wherever it happens. 

Added: 2008-03-10

A search engine for finding scientific data on water quality and hydrology from approximately 1.9 million sites in the USA. Includes agencies such us US Geological Survey, EPA, Texas Commission of Water Quality, and more. 

Added: 2008-03-07
US Mineral Hypermaps

Demo of an atlas system for all-in-one-page access to large geographic data sets. Application plots various types of mines throughout the US, as well as agriculture and industrial areas. 

Added: 2008-02-20

Providing mapping tools for the global epidemiology of infectious disease. Datasets are available to interrogate geographically allowing researchers to investigate the epidemiology, evolution and population biology of human and animal pathogens. 

Added: 2008-02-08
Shaded Relief Maps

Shaded relief mashup of the world for Google Maps. Use the drop-down lists in the top-left to view a specific element. 

Added: 2007-10-16
Climate Change 2030

Architecture 2030 study of climate induced sea level rise on coastal cities in United States. See side by side images of what will happen. 

Added: 2007-09-30


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