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Providing mapping tools for the global epidemiology of infectious disease. Datasets are available to interrogate geographically allowing researchers to investigate the epidemiology, evolution and population biology of human and animal pathogens. 

Square Root Calculator

Square Root Calculator that uses Google Chart API formulas. 

Supinfo Schools

Showing Supinfo, a graduate school of computer science, in different cities in France, China, Canada and the UK. 


Free online tools for gathering, sorting, presenting and digesting of scientifically oriented information. Interface for PubMed searches, MeshTree, interface to nutritional database, news-/imagesearches, feeds, clipboards and QueryMaker. 

YahooImages, Entrez 
Turkish Earthquakes

Turkish earthquakes with embedded widgets. It uses Google Maps for location display. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleAJAXLibraries, GoogleAdSense 
UK Tapwater Quality Map

Interesting community-based project to map the chemistry and quality of UK tapwater to provide an interactive map for fishkeepers to learn how safe their water is. 

US Mineral Hypermaps

Demo of an atlas system for all-in-one-page access to large geographic data sets. Application plots various types of mines throughout the US, as well as agriculture and industrial areas. 

US Volcanoes and Misc Maps

terra IMS has a gallery of map mashups based on the Google Maps API. Various mashups including Oregon DMV Locations, Real-Time Earthquakes, World GDP, World Leaders Map and US Senators Map. 

USGS and Google Maps

All 2 million of the USGS datapoints are mapped out in paged results. Over 60 different types of locations including lakes, rivers, craters, glaciers for all 50 States. 

Virtual India

Virtual India is a research project by Microsoft Research India, in collaboration with the Government of India Department of Science and Technology. 

Weather 3D

Spinning weather globe updated with data from Weather Bonk. 


Weather and climate information for Africa visualized on Google Maps. 

Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserves

Map application for the 64 member sites in 8 countries in the Americas, classified according their importance to shorebirds. Sites are mostly estuaries, beach complexes, intertidal areas, salinas and salt lakes. 

World and Regional Earthquakes

The maps on this site show the location and details of thousands of earthquakes. Specific maps have been created for regions where there is substantial earthquake activity, including New Zealand, North America, South America, East Asia and Australia. 

World Volcano Browser

Displays volcanos of the world on a Google Map. Data from the Smithsonian Institution, Global Vulcanism Project 

World Wide Earthquakes

The damage radii of each quake is displayed around each epicenter. Shows power and reach of quakes as they happen. US, European, and Australian feeds improve global coverage. 

GoogleMashupEditor, GoogleMaps 


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