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A search engine for finding similar Websites or tools. 


History of a day search. Enter a day and sort results by rank, year and name. Filter popular keywords like Birthdays, wars, events, deaths, etc. or use advanced filters to search categories, types and attributes.  


Search wikipedia, images, videos, and Web at once. 


Wikidi makes it easy to compare stuff. Our data is free to view, edit or share. You can easily compare and search by features. 


Find wineries by location and varietal. As they say "So many little time". 

Wines and Times

Create you own winery tour! Mashup of U.S. wineries, winery events, wine festivals, and wine trails. Over 3,200 entries. Includes printable Google directions with full winery contact information. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAdSense 

wordonthewire serves up the latest results from a range of trending platforms based on a users single search query. It is intended mainly as a tool to get a quick, latest "scoop" on a topic, and be able to easily share the results. It picks up on your browsing language of choice, and serves up the results in that language, making it really universal (without having to have a unique URL for each language).It focuses on doing all of this one page, and has a responsive layout. 

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Bing

Most information available on the internet is not directly consumable by software systems. Information is locked away behind the presentation layer markup or javascript callbacks. provides Targeted Portfolio Analysis, Recorded Document Search, Servicing Research Tasks and other web scraping methods. 

World Livability

An interactive map, showing the best places in the world to live.  

World of Hollywood

World of Hollywood has videos of Hollywood movies, actors and actresses. Search for movie videos from multiple channels like Youtube, MySpace, AOL and others. 

YouTube, AOLVideo

Search interface to Flickr for finding photos by location. Photos can be displayed in a gallery view or on a Google Map. 

Wundrbar for iPhone

Wundrbar is an app for quick search, reference, news, travel, local info, and more. Wundrbar for iPhone is basically a super-app providing access to over 50 different services, all from one place. 

YahooBOSS, Trynt, Google, FlightStats, EBay, Digg,, BBC

Find your ideal U.S. wineries using visitor reviews, wine ratings, winery amenities and services, and winery location. Create custom interaries including wineries, wine events and other wine tourism-related businesses.  

GoogleMaps, GoogleCustomSearch

Get all your special baby products from  

Bolcom compares prices and provides usual travel information for the World's coolest destinations! 


Find your next freelance job on Elance. The xLancer app makes it easy to keep up with the latest freelance job listings that fit your skills. You can also find an expert to outsource your work to an offshore team or individual freelancers. 

Yahoo Buzz

Visualize news stories with this application built on the Yahoo! Search API. Hovering your mouse over images shows article snippets. PHP source code available. From Rasmus Lerdorf. 

Yahoo PhotoClock

Shows changing set of photographs based on time of day they were taken. 

Yahoo Shop by Color

Find products on Yahoo Shopping by color. This feature was initially developed as a mashup during an internal Yahoo Hack Day event in early 2007. 

Yahoo Shopping + 411Sync

Do price comparisons from your cell phone to find prices on the Internet from anywhere. 

YahooShopping, 411Sync 


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