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spoonacular is a semantic recipe search engine. 

Added: 2013-06-18
JGE Automatic Content Generator

JGE Automatic Content Generator is a PHP script that will automatically add relevant high quality content to existing web pages. The software performs semantic analysis of the existing page's content to find essential keywords and then pulls content relevant to these keywords from free services. Retrieved articles are then displayed and cached to minimize impact on website's performance.  

Added: 2011-10-13
Freebase, Calais 

RDFaCE (RDFa Content Editor) is a mashup that brings together different semantic web API's to facilitate semantic content authoring. 

Added: 2011-07-19
SaploTextAnalysis, Extractiv, Evri, DBpedia, Calais, AlchemyAPI, Swoogle 
TagsUp combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results.  

Added: 2011-02-19
Twitter, YahooBOSS, Omgili, GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch, Freebase, Facebook, EBay, AmazonMarketplaceWebService 
TimesPeople Mood Reader

Based on the feed of a TimesPeople user, determines the mood by performing sentiment analysis. 

Added: 2010-11-19

Maiana is a social service to host, explore and share Topic Maps sources. Maiana provides mashups to deliver the structured content into blogs and other CMS. For enforcing semantic interoperability is used. 

Added: 2010-10-01
Veeeb Semantic Editor

Veeeb is a text editor which semantically analyzes your text and provides the most significant concepts. It displays basic info about these concepts and allows you to search in different channels like Flickr, Youtube, Getty, Amazon, Google and so on. 

Added: 2010-08-18
Zanox, YouTube, GoogleAjaxSearch, Freebase, Flickr, Calais, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Twopular Trend Tags Heat Map

Heat map representation and visualization of the top tags for twitter trends. These tags are generated by twopular based on the semantic web service opencalais. 

Added: 2010-06-23
Twitter, Calais 

Music recommendations and explanations for about 40,000 artists and bands. Uses linked data and semantic web techniques to make connections.  

Added: 2010-06-17
YouTube, Twitter, LastFM, DBpedia 
Five Filters: Explore Independent Media

A free software project which analyses news and offers related stories coming from non-corporate sources. It is being developed as part of the Five Filters project to promote alternative, non-corporate media. The application requires Java applet support. 

Added: 2010-03-30
YahooTerms, Google 

Define your favourite subjects and PeepToday will bring you each day news, videos that best fit your interests.  

Added: 2010-03-23
YouTube, Twitter, GoogleAjaxSearch, Freebase 
Twitter Trends Tagged

This mashup feeds the semantic web service Calais every five minutes with the most recent tweets behind the current twitter trends in order to determine tags for these trends. With the resulting tag set at your fingertips. 

Added: 2010-03-17
Twitter, Calais 
Siri - Your Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual assistant for your iPhone. Possibly the ultimate mashup because it uses many APIs to provide the best reply it can. Queries are spoken in simple English and the app uses artificial intelligence queries to answer. 

Added: 2010-02-05
Yelp, YahooLocal, WeatherBug, TrueKnowledge, Livekick, GoogleMaps, FlightStats, Eventful, BooRahRestaurantSearch 

Meaningtwitt is a mashup between Twitter, Google Visualization API and Meaningtool. It's intended for categorization of Twitter Users through the semantic technology of Meaningtool. 

Added: 2010-01-14
GoogleVisualization, Meaningtool, Twitter 

Shows exponentially smoothed flu trends in Sweden based on self-reported health in Twitter messages. 

Added: 2010-01-12

Tries to determine an author's age. 

Added: 2009-12-22

Real-time news through quotes. 

Added: 2009-12-20
Moreover, Freebase 
The Attack Machine

An interesting way to explore all the things attacking, and being attacked. Content on The Attack Machine is automatically generated leveraging Evri's deep linguistic analysis of news, blog and other web content. 

Added: 2009-11-24
YouTube, Evri 

Trendy!Bing provides Google Trends last hot keywords with Microsoft Bing search results. 

Added: 2009-11-21
GoogleAppEngine, Bing 
Transmission News

Our mashup recipe is very simple: 5x Twitter News service accounts, 1x Yahoo Geo, 1x Open Calais, 1x Google Maps, 1x Google Search and a little bit of Wikipedia. Mix all ingredients together with care. Hope you enjoy. 

Added: 2009-11-09
YahooGeocode, Wikipedia, Twitter, GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch, Calais 


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