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Creates a data-fused recommendation based on unstructured text, URLs, or other types of feeds. Also classifies Twitter unstructured information and maps the results across the twitter-verse, applying meaning to twitter or "tweaning". 

Twitter, Flickr, BeliefNetworks 
MDG Actors

Get inspired by who's acting to help reach the Millennium Development Goals. Uses semantic APIs including Reuters Calais and uClassify. A world finalist in the 2009 Imagine Cup competition. 

UClassify, Calais 

Meaningtwitt is a mashup between Twitter, Google Visualization API and Meaningtool. It's intended for categorization of Twitter Users through the semantic technology of Meaningtool. 

GoogleVisualization, Meaningtool, Twitter 
Newsmakers of the Day

Mashup of ClearForest and Google Calendar. It places an unobtrusive icon at the top of each day. Click icon for snapshot of people, companies, products and locations in the news. You can drill down to the original news article. 

GoogleCalendar, ClearForest 

Newstaggr is a new way for browsing news. It gathers news from sources like Reuters, CNN, New York Times, and BBC, and it uses Calais to semantically tag them and create a tag cloud for 12 categories. 

Daylife, Calais 

Define your favourite subjects and PeepToday will bring you each day news, videos that best fit your interests.  

YouTube, Twitter, GoogleAjaxSearch, Freebase 

Power RSS is an RSS aggregator, which enables you to classify content in the article. The Power RSS will skim through the article and pick out the relevant articles, by analysing your interest categories. 


Real-time news through quotes. 

Moreover, Freebase 

RDFaCE (RDFa Content Editor) is a mashup that brings together different semantic web API's to facilitate semantic content authoring. 

SaploTextAnalysis, Extractiv, Evri, DBpedia, Calais, AlchemyAPI, Swoogle 

Finds related web sites to a given one from within the pool of (previously) popular web sites on 
Search Results Summarizer

Firefox extension adding value to Google results page. Do your Google search as usual and on the results page a cloud of key concepts is generated. Click the "Show text" button, and a text summary of the results is generated below. Patent pendin 

Sensebot, Google 
Semantic Web Creator

The Topicalizer now sports yet another function called Semantic Web Creator, which builds a web of related terms for a given term by making use of the Google API und Wikipedia. 


Speed reading for news. This site takes popular news feeds and extracts key terms. They are listed in order of popularity within the last 24 hours. 


SemanticTweet - where Twitter meets the semantic web. SemanticTweet is a simple web service that generates a FOAF RDF document for you from your list of Twitter friends and followers. It does this using the Twitter REST and geonames APIs. 

Twitter, GeoNames 
Semantisize uses semantic technology to bring together information about semantic technology. 

Yahoo, Upcoming, GoogleBase, Flickr, ClearForest 
Siri - Your Virtual Personal Assistant

A virtual assistant for your iPhone. Possibly the ultimate mashup because it uses many APIs to provide the best reply it can. Queries are spoken in simple English and the app uses artificial intelligence queries to answer. 

Yelp, YahooLocal, WeatherBug, TrueKnowledge, Livekick, GoogleMaps, FlightStats, Eventful, BooRahRestaurantSearch 

Find the connection or six-degrees of separation between topics. Mashes RSS feeds with the ClearForest API. Offers REST and SOAP interfaces so you can build on top of it. All connections exposed through RDF so you can to build the Semantic Web. 

Technorati, ClearForest, Blogger 
Smarter Wikipedia

This extension allows you to explore Wikipedia by adding a related articles side pane to Wikipedia. Additionally, it allows searching of highlighted text on Wikipedia from the right-click context menu. 

Wikipedia, DirectedEdge 

spoonacular is a semantic recipe search engine. 

TagsUp combines search engines from dozens of companies and returns web, image, video, shopping, auction, classified, realtime, news, blog or discussion results.  

Twitter, YahooBOSS, Omgili, GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch, Freebase, Facebook, EBay, AmazonMarketplaceWebService 


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