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aShare Over the Air Sharing

A way to share your pictures and files. Just tap and hold to push files between phones and tablets easily with no cables, no computer, no set up and no copy and paste. Currently for Android and Android Tablet. 


BuzzData lets you share your data in a smarter, easier way. Instead of juggling versions and overwriting files, use BuzzData and enjoy a social network designed for data. 

Content Sharing

Thank to AddThis allows to share all contents on Facebook and Twitter 

DocuSign and Egnyte

Egnyte and DocuSign integration is the easiest and the most secure way to collaborate on 100% of your files irrespective of where they live, on-prem or in the cloud. Using this app, users can directly send business documents for electronic signatures to both internal and external parties and maintain versioning and annotation on signed documents for easy future reference.  

Gmail and

Allows users to send sharing links to content in their Box account through Gmail. 

GoogleAppEngine, Box 
Google Analytics and

Allows users to view analytics about files they have shared through Box. 

GoogleAnalytics, Box 

Handout is an application that allows you to upload documents to Adobe Share and then post them quickly to Pownce or Twitter. 

AdobeShare, Twitter, Pownce 
Hot - Discover Hot Stories from the Social Web

A site that lets you discover content shared on the social Web and create clean and uncluttered dashboards of hot content. 
I am here

I'm here is a web app based on the geo location sharing service Fire Eagle. Users can share their geolocation and activities with friends. Geolocation is automatically refreshed.  

GoogleMaps, FireEagle 

iKuExplorer is a desktop FREE personal productivity tool aimed to help users deal with the amount of information sources that use, letting link information freely, regardless where have it stored or its type, creating insformation sets that can also be shared. 

YouTube, GoogleSites, GooglePicasa, GoogleDocsList, GoogleContacts, GoogleCalendar, GoogleBooks, Flickr, Blogger 

Photo sharing an enormous 2-d surface. GoogleMaps-style navigation. Place, arrange, rotate, re-size images to form photo collages. Edit images in real-time with friends. Share to Facebook, Myspace, and other services. 

AmazonS3, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace 

Upload a file to Amazon S3 and share the link to that file with others. Recipients of the link can access and download the User File by clicking on the link. 

LinkedIn and

Allows users to share content on their LinkedIn profiles. They can choose which files in their Box accounts are visible to LinkedIn contacts. 

LinkedIn, Box 
M.O.M. Open Source Music Player

An open source music library and player that organizes your music and allows you access to it online. Set up accounts for your friends to listen, and they can create their own playlists. Uses APIs from, Lyricsfly, LyricsWiki and YouTube. 

YouTube, LyricWiki, Lyricsfly, LastFM 
Ning and

This mashup allows users to share files with their Ning networks using  

Ning, Box 
PDF Document Library is a free pdf file sharing site using Bing Search Api. 

Pinterest Clone

Pinterest is basically a social networking website like other sites such as Twitter, Facebook where any individual can post and share anything that interests people.  

qmpeople video sharing

Thank to the vzaar API users can upload and share their favourite videos.  


A social utility to keep in touch more often and more easily with important friends from major social networks. 

YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, HotwireTravelTickerDeals, Groupon, GoogleMaps, Foursquare, Facebook, Bing, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Talk Rain

TalkRain “Social Call” helps users to call, capture and share. User can call their friend, at the end of the call they will presented with a shorten URL of the recording to share over their Social Network. TalkRain “Conference” helps users to call, capture and Upload. User can create conference with their customers, colleagues or anyone, at the end of the conference recordings will be uploaded to the 



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