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Amazanian is a search page that filters for items only eligible for Prime or Super Saver Shipping. 

Amazon Prime Search

Simple Amazon search interface that filters items to show only things eligible for Amazon Prime free shipping. 

China Electronics Wholesale

A wholesale electronics distributor. Integrates PayPal API as well as UPS and other shipping APIs. 

UPSShipping, PayPal, FedEx, DHL 
EMS Tracking

This is an independent website providing online tracking of EMS China shipments, with maps to help you locate the shipment. 

FedEx Office and

Allows users to send documents from their account to FedEx, where they can be printed and shipped. 

FedEx, Box 
Got Free Shipping?

Got Free Shipping allows you to browse and search eBay and Amazon for items with free shipping only. 

EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising, AddThisSharingEndpoints, Twitter 
Guaranteed Prime

A search page that filters for items only eligible for Prime or Super Saver Shipping. 


iabol is a web-based multi-carrier shipping software solution. eCommerce integrations include eBay, Amazon, Netsuite and Magento. The iabol Sync Tool allows for data to be pulled into iabol from almost any application. iabol allows for order management, single or batch label creation to manifesting. iabol is a multi user, multi location solution that is managed from one application. Support for over 50 carriers worldwide. Ship Anytime, Anywhere! 

USPSTrackConfirm, UKMail, SPEEDYExpressDeliveryServices, NetSuite, Magento, FedEx, EndiciaLabelServer, EBay, DHL, ChannelAdvisor, AustraliaPost, AmazonProductAdvertising 

iPrimr makes it easy for members of Amazon Prime to find items eligible for free shipping. With so many items on Amazon coming from third party sellers, this tool filters out all non-prime-eligible items. 


Amazon Prime search engine. Search Amazon for only those products that qualify for Prime or SuperSaver shipping. 


MagenPro is the integration between Magento ecommerce and Doba drop ship products.  

Doba Live Ships Map

See live vessel traffic and positions. Marine Traffic's public map contains thousands of ships, including type and name. In some cases, there are even photos of the ship. You can create an account, you can add specific ships to your fleet. 


MoreMap is a Google Maps Mashup which allows users to track packages, find radio stations, local banks, movie theaters with up to the minute show times, track earthquakes, view interesting places, save places, and get directions. 

YahooTraffic, USPSTrackConfirm, NOAANationalWeatherServiceNWS, GoogleMaps, FedEx 
Package Tracking via Mobile Phone

Use this service to determine the latest status of your UPS and USPS package from cell phone. Check status using SMS, EMail or WAP. This service has been implemented using 411Sync Mobile API. 

UPSShipping, 411Sync

PackageMapper shows you a map of your FedEx, UPS, USPS package routes. Enter a carrier and a tracking number to see your package's progress plotted on the map. Sign in to enter a list of packages and see their current locations on a table or map. 

YahooGeocode, GoogleMaps, FedEx

Track your packages with Google Maps and RSS feeds! Track UPS, FedEx, USPS, and DHL. really works and is free to the public. See where your package is as it makes its way across the map. Check it out and bookmark it! 

USPSTrackConfirm, UPSShipping, GoogleMaps, FedEx 

PackageTrack provides twitter notification and google mapping for USPS, UPS, and FedEx packages.  

USPSTrackConfirm, UPSShipping, Twitter, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, FedEx 

USPS, UPS, and FedEx package mapping Internet tool. Also offers RSS subscription to individual package progress and average speed between each point on a package's path. 

USPSTrackConfirm, UPSShipping, GoogleMaps, FedEx 
PostalMethods and

This mashup allows users to send documents in their Box accounts as snail mail using PostalMethods. 

PostalMethods, Box 

See where your ocean container shipment is via real-time maps on SeaRates. Helps freight forwarders and logistics companies to perform global shipping operations with international container shipments.  



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