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Create a Twitter Mood Graph With Ruby

Shows how to talk to the Twitter search API directly then produce a chart of our findings using the Google Chart API. Lets you search for posts Twitter considers to have �positive� or �negative� attitudes, then draw a chart of our findings. 

Creating a Custom ASP.NET Control for MapQuest API

How to create an ASP.NET custom control which displays a map just based on an origin and a destination. 

Density Map Tutorial

How-to guide on using Prototype, Google Maps API and the HeatMapAPI. 

HeatMap, GoogleMaps 
Digg Flash Kit

The Digg Flash Kit is a collection of ActionScript classes that can be used to build visualizations of Digg data. 

DocuSign PHP Sample

A sample PHP application for the DocuSign service. Source is included in the SDK.  

eBay Flash Developer Center

Use the Flash or Flex with any of the eBay APIs to interact with eBay.  

eBay Flex ClientAlerts api

A Flex library for eBay development to allow you to cut development time and simplify tasks like error handling. 

eBay Java Developer Center

Use Java or JSP with the eBay API. 

eBay PHP, Perl, Python Developer Center

Use PHP, Perl, or Python with any of the eBay APIs to interact with eBay servers. 

eBay Windows Developer Center

Use .NET, C#, ASP, VB, etc. with any of the eBay APIs to interact with eBay.  


Complete sample console app in C# 

Eve Online API and PHP

Overview of using the Eve Online API using PHP. 

Facebook ActionScript Library

The Facebook ActionScript provides an interface between the Facebook REST API and Flash/Flex based applications. Hosted on 

Facebook Developer Toolkit MVC Add-on

This is an addon to the Facebook Developer Toolkit ( that makes supporting an ASP.NET MVC Application easier 

Facebook.NET: Open Source for Facebook

An overview and introduction to an open source project, Facebook.NET, a framework optimized for developing ASP.NET-based Facebook applications. 

Facebooker: Ruby library for Facebook

Facebooker is a Ruby library using the Facebook REST API and platform. 

Fantasma: C++ Client Library for Facebook

Fantasma is a C++ Client Library for the Facebook Platform and wraps the Facebook API. The library uses the cross-platform Qt Toolkit. 

Fb4j : Java Source for Facebook

fb4j is Facebook library written for Java developers, by Java developers. fb4j aides Facebook application development by providing a consistent object model to all of the functionality of the Facebook API. 

FedEx ActionScript Library

This is an ActionScript 3.0, aka AS3, wrapper for Flash on top of the FedEx XML APIs. 

fonolo 4 android

Lets you access the fonolo system from your Android phone. Java source code included. 



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