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Gantt Charts Wrapper for Google Charts API

Wrapper classes for the Google Charts API were developed and added to our Sandstone Application Framework to make the addition charts to Simpli5 and other applications as simple as possible. 

Geocoding in CakePHP

Overview of geocoding techniques using CakePHP and open APIs. 

Gluestick PHP Wrapper for Glue

Gluestick is a simple object-oriented implementation of the Glue API for PHP. It takes advantage of PHP's magic methods to make a more intuitive interface for developers: rather than learning a new set of methods, you just use Glue's native meth 

Gluestick Ruby Gem for Glue API

Gluestick is a simple interface to the Glue API for Ruby. Rather than learning a new set of methods, you just use Glue's native methods. 

Google Friend Connect for Drupal

Drupal plugin integrates Google Friend Connect and the native Drupal authentication mechanisms. Lets any site visitor access the different secured sections of the site just like a native registered user, by using the single-click Friend Connect button. 

gtapi - Google Translator API for .NET Developers

A Google Translator API for .NET Developers in C# 

HeyWatch Video via Ruby

Ruby wrapper for the HeyWatch video encoding service. 

How many Diggs? Intro to Using the Digg API

Introduction to using the Digg API using PHP. 

HTML Wrapper for Twitter API

Twitter2HTML: an html wrapper around the twitter api 

Integrating Google Maps into Your Web Applications

Tutorial on the Google Maps API with detailed JavaScript example code. By By Jason Gilmore at 

Intro to Google Charts and gchartrb

Good, detailed introduction to using Ruby gem gchartrb for working with the Google Chart API. 

Intro to Google Maps API for Flex

An intro on how to use the Google Maps API with Flex. It goes over the basics on how to add and edit markers on a map and keep track of them in a grid. 

Java Library for Amazon eCommerce

A Java library for Amazon Associates Web Service. 

Java Library for Amazon Web Services

This is a simple API to access Amazon's SQS, EC2, SimpleDB and DevPay LS web services. It uses the QUERY interfaces and patterns the methods after those available from Amazon in their SOAP client for these services.  

AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonQueue, AmazonEC2 
Java Library for Facebook

A Facebook API client implemented in Java, derived from the poorly-maintained official Facebook client. Note: as of May 2008, Facebook has discontinued any support of their official Java client. 

Java Library for the Guardian UK Open Platform

Java client library for the Guardian UK Open Platform. 

Java RESTful Web Services With Jersey and Twitter

Jersey is an open-source reference implementation of JAX-RS, the Java API for RESTful Web Services, JSR-311. In this tip, you will learn how to use the Jersey API to consume HTTP-based RESTful web services from Twitter. 

Java Sample for DocuSign e-Signing Service

A sample Java client for the DocuSign service which includes an example web application called LoanCo. This Java application was built on Apache Axis 2. 

Java Source Code Examples For Ez Texting HTTP APIs

See code examples for all of Ez Texting's APIs. Learn how to send and receive text messages, rent and configure Keywords, perform carrier lookups and much more. 

Java Wrapper for Amazon S3 SOAP API

A library in Java for working with the Amazon S3 SOAP interface. 



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