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Java Wrapper for Digg API

This is a implementation of the Digg API as specified in the Digg API documentation.  

Java Wrapper for Friendster API

A lightweight Friendster API client implemented in Java 

Java Wrapper for Google Chart API

A Java 1.4 wrapper for the Google Chart API. Supports all the features of the Chart API. 

Java wrapper for API

Java wrapper for the API.  

Java Wrapper for Photobucket API

Provides access to Photobucket API - main client handles proper signing of the request 

Javabook: Java Library for Facebook

Facebook provides a Java-based API, but this library provides additional functionality and benefits. See site for more. 

JavaPownce Java Library for Pownce

A Java class for integration. Well documented Java wrapper. 

Javascript Developer Center for eBay APIs

Use JavaScript, JSON, or AJAX with any of the APIs below to interact with the eBay servers.All APIs let you make direct calls in your language. Some APIs also have SDKs to automate common development tasks. 

Javascript Library for Pownce API

Libraries for interacting with the Pownce social messaging system 

JavaScript Library for Zanox

Javascript client library using the Zanox web services.  

Javascript Wrapper for Google Charts API

From the site:GChart is a small piece of javascript (packed 2.4kb) that enables using the Google Chart API in a convenient way. GChart translates passed options to a url that can be used to request a chart from the Google Chart API.  

Javascript Wrapper for Salesforce API

from the site: The AJAX Toolkit is a JavaScript wrapper around the API. 

jBrainHoney api source code

jBrainHoney aims to make interaction with the BrainHoney DLAP API as easy and intuitive as possible. No need to worry about HTTP request management, session persistence, XML parsing and manipulation, low level exception handling, thread management, data modeling, and more. Potential uses include synchronization of data with your student information system, creation of plugins, creation of interactive applications, creation of web pages, and more. 

JobMapper in Ruby

Shows you how to create a mashup of Google Maps, Indeed, and Yahoo Search using Ruby. 

Yahoo, indeed, GoogleMaps 
jQuery Twitter API

jQuery Twitter API aims to give Web developers the ability to request Twitter public informations from a simple JavaScript function call. 

Kayak Search AS3

A utility to programatically access the Kayak Travel search service via Flash's ActionScript. 

LastFmLib.Net: API .NET Library

A .NET library for's web services and their Audioscrobbler platform.  

LinkedIn API PHP Class Part 1: Getting Started Tutorial

This is a basic getting started tutorial for PHP (in Dutch, but soon to be translated). The PHP Class documentation is in English. 

LinkedIn Ruby Gem

Ruby wrapper for the new LinkedIn OAuth API 

Minifb: Python library for Facebook

A minimal API for writing web applications with Facebook in Python. The two functions provided are all that should be needed to generate and validate information in Facebook. 



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