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DimePickers is a social sports picks competition that allows visitors to select game winners using current spreads. The FanFeedr API provides score outcomes to determine contest winners.  

Dirtbike Locator

Site developed to help dirt bike riders find places and people to enjoy their sport. 

Disc Events

Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, pickup games, and more. 


Database with dive centers, dive boats, dive shops around the world. 

Do My Sport

Virtual Earth Mashup to help find sports location and event in your area. You can find out about the sports you are interested in and event arrange a meeting of your own at your favourite location. Make new friends who do the same sports as you. 

DoubleTab Video is a mashup of the YouTube and LiveVideo APIs. 

YouTube, LiveVideo

Driving Evals collects, stores and communicates student and instructor evaluations for High Performance Driving Events. It pulls and pushes student/instructor data from 


Dunkathon is a HotOrNot version of basketball dunking clips. Videos are retrieved by filtering clips from YouTube API and only keep the ones that are relevant to dunking and short in length, 40 sec or less. 


Rate basketball dunk video clips from YouTube. 

Dutch motorcycle events calendar

Google map Mashup for dutch motorcycle related events. Features altitude dependant grouping of locations. 


Service that motivates and rewards people for being active. 

JanrainEngage, Foursquare, Fitbit, 
ESPN News Service

Using the ESPN API, PHP, and Bootstrap, I made a simple responsive news site, giving readers the top news in various sports. 

Extreme Sports

Extreme and action sports videos from Google Video and YouTube. Features kitewing videos. 

YouTube, GoogleAjaxSearch 
Extreme Webcams

Find skiing and windsurfing webcams with this mashup integrating live webcam pictures with the Yahoo! Flash API. Nice use a banding widget to draw zoom area. 

Extremeprofile Dives

Upload your Dive profiles from any Suunto dive computer or bottom timer. Reports generated automatically with depth-time profile chart, vertical speed chart etc. Attach GPX track logs from your GPS. Attach photos from Flickr or videos from Youtube. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
F1 Standings and Results Gadget

A Google Gadget presenting F1 standings and results obtained from the Ergast Motor Racing Data API. You can add the gadget to your web pages or to your Google homepage here: 

GoogleHomepage, Ergast 
FanFeedr widgets

Customizable widgets leveraging the FanFeedr API with an easy-to-use form. They are included on the Forbes and SF Gate sites.  


Utilization of information technology in sporting events Mashup  

SportsPower, SportsData 
Favorite Run

Map your running routes and where to run. 

Fifa Soccer Videos

Soccer video mashup covering both video games, like Fifa 08, and real soccer including world cups, popular players, etc. 



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