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Complete guide to fishing spots in Hungary and Central Europe. In Hungarian. 

Fishing Stories

A place where users share their fishing experience with others, whether your fish is a trophy bass or a tiny minnow. So go ahead and add your fish to the map. 


Customizable maps, fishing catch tracker, fishing reports and daily weather. 

NOAANationalWeatherServiceNWS, Google, GoogleMaps 

FishNY is a website dedicated to sportfishing in New York State. Our goal is to map all of the best fishing locations in the State. 

Fitbit Daemon

Update your Fitbit with Twitter and Nike+ workouts. Receive statistics instantly. 

NikePlus, Fitbit, Twitter 
Football Feed

Headline stories and gossip on soccer teams in the four English football leagues. 

Twitter, GoogleMaps 
Football Stadium Mashup

Mashup of NFL team stadiums. Combines team schedules, scores, news, and photos. 

GoogleMaps, Flickr 
Football Viewer

Allow user to see European football matches on map and apply filter based on distance between user and stadium or date of match 

GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, GoogleDirections 
Formula One Grand Prix Circuit

Displays all Formula One Grand Prix Circuits raced from 1950 to 2007. 


Parkour and freerunning related videos and their metadata are pulled from video sites, spam filtered, stored in a database, tweeted and categorized on Freeflow TV. The videos appear on the website instantly via Pusher. It is also possible to search the database. 

YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Pusher 
Frisbee Mashup

Frisbee Mashup newes photos, events, movies, bookmarks and special feeds are published on five pages, frisbee, dog frisbee, disc golf, ultimate and freestyle. 

YouTube, Upcoming, Flickr, 

Workout diary and community with integrated Google Maps to let you depict running routes. Account required. 


A unique Twitter Game of Brazilian Football Championship.  

Twitter Ballpark Guide lets you to share and collect your experiences visiting ballparks across the US. Features a guide and gallery powered by Yahoo Maps and Flickr. Ballpark Collection shows an array of all ballparks, highlighting ones you have reviewed. 

YahooMaps, Flickr 

A website which provides deal tracking and price analysis for outdoor gear. Offers a price history and price comparison tool, as well as email and text alerts. 

GoogleVisualization, AvantLink 

Great for runners, hikers, bicyclist and anyone else interested in how far they ran, walked, biked, or traveled. Map, save, find, and share your routes. 


GEOPESCO roughly translating to Where I Fish. A social experiment for anglers all over the world. Using the Google Map API to precisely pinpoint their fishing reports, allows recreational anglers to share and discover. 

Global Corporate Challenge

GCC 2007 allows participants to track their progress on a virtual journey around the globe. The journey is measured by steps, which are tracked on pedometers. The solution manages 161 locations in a CMS to track and zoom between each one. 

Global Surfari

Surf predictions and forecasts for surfing spots across the globe. Use the Google Maps interface to get a surf forecast for a coastal prediction. 

Gmaps Pedometer

Exact distance pedometer using Google Maps, built by a marathon runner. 



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