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UK Economic Indicators Dashboard

Create a personalised dashboard of line charts to keep an eye on the UK economy. The page uses a PHP script to scrape time-series data CSVs from the Office for National Statistics website each day and add them to a MySQL database. Two more PHP scripts provide data to the page in JSON format. 

Added: 2013-08-23
World Statistics

Powered by the Google Fusion Tables API, this service visually displays world statistics on a map. Statistics include: Population, GDP, and currency unit.  

Added: 2013-02-24
Analytics Portfolio

Web analytics, social interactions and SEO reports for all your sites in one place. Compare and analyze portfolios of web sites. Group them any way you like and view totals and averages. 

Added: 2012-11-04
SEOmoz, RoboWhois, Postmark, GooglePageSpeedOnline, GoogleChart, GoogleAnalytics 

Statsr gives you access to extended flickr stats, without 28 days limitation, and detailled stats about your groups , contacts, visitors, referers. 

Added: 2012-05-08
Etsy Shop Value Calculator

The Etsy Shop Value Calculator is a great way to find out how much your shop is worth, and to compare your shop's performance with shops of close competitors. 

Added: 2011-12-15
Black Swan Events

Black Swan lets you explore history from a whole new perspective. It allows users to augment over 400 statistical time series (each containing annual data items for as many as 200 countries over the last 200 years) to find out how different socioeconomic developments correlate with certain historical events. Once you have detected a link between a statistical outlier and an event, Black Swan can indicate similar patterns. 

Added: 2011-09-08
GoogleChart, Freebase, DBpedia 

ReaderMeter displays author statistics based on readership data obtained from Mendeley. It also shows readership breakdown for individual publications and offers a JSON interface to its contents. 

Added: 2010-09-09
Mendeley, GoogleVisualization 
Twittsdaq Twitter Profile Statistics

One stop shop for Twitter Profile statistics. Tracking Followers, Influence, Tag Clouds and Popularity on the Twitter platform. 

Added: 2010-08-25
TwitterCounter, Twitter, Klout 
Who Clicks My Links

Find out who clicks the links that you tweet. 

Added: 2010-04-08
Twitter, GoogleAppEngine, 
Mash Trends

mash trends takes the latest trending topics from google trends and twitter trends and uses the keywords to display breaking related news stories. A great example of a google twitter mashup with twitter statistics. 

Added: 2010-02-16
YouTube, Twitter, Google, GoogleAjaxFeeds 
#LinS Stats on Your LinkedIn Social Graph

Get some shiny stats about countries, cities and industries your contacts are from. 

Added: 2010-02-03
LinkedIn, GoogleChart

Tracks interesting statistics about Twitter users, including their average tweets per day, common keywords they tweet about, social participation ratio and more. 

Added: 2009-07-16

Monitor Twitter for tweets linking to your domains (or competitor's domains). Add URLs and monitor people posting tweets to these URLs in real-time. 

Added: 2009-07-15
BackType, BackTweets 
Geographical Media

World News Statistics from around the world calculated on people, companies and other entities. Including the most talked about people from every country.  

Added: 2009-06-14
Freebase, Calais 
Statistic Charts

Interactive graphics and statistics. 

Added: 2009-06-10
GoogleVisualization, GoogleSpreadsheets, GoogleChart 
Etsy Hacks: Shop Value

This tool calculates the total value of items in your Etsy shop, and presents a few other statistics too. 

Added: 2009-06-06
Jessica's Automated Gaming

Analyzes historical data using Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reports Tools (BIRT) technology. Betfair API is used to create BIRT charts and reports. 

Added: 2009-04-05
My Twitter Weighs a Ton

Analyzes and counts related words in your Twitterstream to determine what you're tweeting about the most. 

Added: 2009-03-08

Sports stats via Twitter. Follow the teams you want, and interact with each account to get team and player stats. 

Added: 2009-01-01
US Crime Statistics

A widget that compares states on crime rates for different types of crimes. Data is from 

Added: 2008-12-20


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