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#LinS Stats on Your LinkedIn Social Graph

Get some shiny stats about countries, cities and industries your contacts are from. 

LinkedIn, GoogleChart 
ACT Scores by US State

Google Mapping ACT Scores by state in math, reading, science, and English categories.  

Alexa graphs on Cell Phone

Get the Alexa traffic stats for any site on your mobile phone. Simply power up your mobile phone browser and point to Use the keyword alexa followed by the site name. Get the reach, rank and page views graph instantly on the go. 

411Sync, AlexaTopSites 
Analytics Portfolio

Web analytics, social interactions and SEO reports for all your sites in one place. Compare and analyze portfolios of web sites. Group them any way you like and view totals and averages. 

SEOmoz, RoboWhois, Postmark, GooglePageSpeedOnline, GoogleChart, GoogleAnalytics 
Black Swan Events

Black Swan lets you explore history from a whole new perspective. It allows users to augment over 400 statistical time series (each containing annual data items for as many as 200 countries over the last 200 years) to find out how different socioeconomic developments correlate with certain historical events. Once you have detected a link between a statistical outlier and an event, Black Swan can indicate similar patterns. 

GoogleChart, Freebase, DBpedia 
Census Dashboard

A mashup using two StrikeIron APIs, Zip Code Information and Population Demographics By ZIP Code, plus Yahoo Maps to give detailed information for a specific US zip code. 

YahooMaps, StrikeIronUSCensus, StrikeIronTaxes 
Domain Tools

Lots of handy tools that let you profile any the 87,058,540 Internet domains in existence. In addition to indexing every active domain, it also knows about the 237,192,827 inactive domains that have been registered and deleted since the early days. 

Dugg Analytics

Rich visualizations, metrics, and stats for Digg. Get charts by category, user, and time. 

Etsy Hacks: Shop Value

This tool calculates the total value of items in your Etsy shop, and presents a few other statistics too. 

Etsy Shop Value Calculator

The Etsy Shop Value Calculator is a great way to find out how much your shop is worth, and to compare your shop's performance with shops of close competitors. 


A Google Universal Gadget which displays FeedBurner Awareness API data with sparklines visualizations. 

Sparklines, GoogleHomepage, FeedBurner 
Flickr Group Trackr

Allows you to track and plot the growth of public Flickr groups. Graphs displaying growth of a group are updated daily and can be linked from external websites. Group statistics can be syndicated via RSS/ATOM feeds and exported as CVS and TSV. 

Geographical Media

World News Statistics from around the world calculated on people, companies and other entities. Including the most talked about people from every country.  

Freebase, Calais 
Interactive Climate Map

Average weather for thousands of global locations in easy to read charts. Temperature, rainfall, snowfall, humidity. 

Jessica's Automated Gaming

Analyzes historical data using Eclipse Business Intelligence and Reports Tools (BIRT) technology. Betfair API is used to create BIRT charts and reports. 

Mash Trends

mash trends takes the latest trending topics from google trends and twitter trends and uses the keywords to display breaking related news stories. A great example of a google twitter mashup with twitter statistics. 

YouTube, Twitter, Google, GoogleAjaxFeeds 
Movers 2.0

See who is heading up and who is heading down in the Web 2.0 world. This site uses the Alexa API to track leading Web 2.0 sites and products in terms of reach and percentage change as tracked by Alexa. 

My Twitter Weighs a Ton

Analyzes and counts related words in your Twitterstream to determine what you're tweeting about the most. 


Neighboroo lets you visually explore and search local trends across the nation including real estate, demographics, environmental factors and lifestyles. The website uses colorful heat maps and a simple approach to simplify location research. 

Trulia, GoogleMaps 

Get graphical answers to lots of interesting questions based on real estate pricing data with this nicely done Trulia mashup. 

Flickr, Trulia 


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