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A simple wrapper for Javascript's built-in hash storage. It is a key-value list which functions much like Python's dictionary. 

Added: 2011-05-16
Osmek Integration Scripts

The following scripts will help you integrate Osmek into your site quickly and easily. 

Added: 2010-08-20
Compass Cloudfiles API

PHP5 API for Cloudfiles that runs on Zend Framework and is closely modeled after the interface in Zend_Service_Amazon_S3 

Added: 2010-03-10
MossoCloudFiles realtime JS streamer JavaScript streaming library. 

Added: 2010-03-05
Dropio iPhone Objective-C Helper Library

Library to help iPhone applications use Built on the same foundation as the Droppler iPhone app. 

Added: 2010-03-05
Dropio .NET library .NET helper library 

Added: 2010-03-05
Dropio Ruby Library

Ruby library helps developers build storage into their Ruby applications. 

Added: 2010-03-05
Dropio PHP Helper Library

PHP library for integrating into your applications. 

Added: 2010-03-05
Dropio Javascript Library

JavaScript library for integrating into websites. 

Added: 2010-03-05
Python Source for Nirvanix API

A Python implementation of the Nirvanix API for data and media storage in the cloud. 

Added: 2008-07-30
Amazon EC2 Client in PHP

This Amazon EC2 client in PHP is a simple, light-weight client app for managing Amazon EC2 images, instances, and key-pairs. 

Added: 2008-07-11
Perl Wrapper for Amazon S3 API

A library in Perl for working with the Amazon S3 REST interface. 

Added: 2008-07-11
Java Wrapper for Amazon S3 SOAP API

A library in Java for working with the Amazon S3 SOAP interface. 

Added: 2008-07-11
PHP Wrapper for Amazon S3 API

From the site: This class is a standalone S3 REST implementation for PHP 5 using CURL.A PHP implementation with support for reading/writing large objects and streams, access control lists and bucket logging. 

Added: 2008-07-11
Python Interface for Amazon Web Services

From the site: An integrated interface to current and future infrastructural services offered by Amazon Web Services. Currently, this includes:Simple Storage Service (S3),Simple Queue Service (SQS),Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2),Mechanical Turk, and SimpleDB 

Added: 2008-07-11
AmazonSimpleDB, AmazonS3, AmazonQueue, MechanicalTurk, AmazonEC2 
Ruby Library for Amazon S3 API

A Ruby Library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service's (S3) REST API. 

Added: 2008-07-11
Using Silverlight with Amazon S3 API

Overview and source code for using Amazon S3 storage with Microsoft Silverlight. 

Added: 2008-07-07
Java Library for Amazon S3 REST API

A library in Java for working with the Amazon S3 REST interface. 

Added: 2007-05-15
Ruby Gem for Amazon EC2

A library in Ruby for working with the Amazon EC2 Query interface. 

Added: 2007-05-07
AWS::S3 for Ruby

A Ruby library for Amazon's Simple Storage Service, S3, REST API. 

Added: 2007-04-23


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