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A platform for improving delivery, monetization and analytics of online video. This platform is built on multiple Amazon web services. Winner of Amazon Startup Challenge. 

AmazonS3, AmazonQueue, MechanicalTurk, AmazonPayments, AmazonEC2 
OpenBox Services: Echosign

Allows any document stored on to be electronically signed in seconds via electronic signature service, 

EchoSign, Box 

Upload and embed slideshows into your space, blog, or to Skype. 

Picnik and

This mashup allows users to edit picture files in their Box accounts using Picnik, then save them directly back to Box. 

Picnik, Box 
PostalMethods and

This mashup allows users to send documents in their Box accounts as snail mail using PostalMethods. 

PostalMethods, Box 
PrintCentral and

PrintCentral is a mobile printing app for the iPhone. Using its integration with, users are now able to access and print their Box files from within PrintCentral. 

Quickoffice Connect and

Quickoffice Connect is a mobile document editing suite, and its integration with allows users to load, edit, and save files in their Box accounts within Quickoffice. 


Services to help manage your deployments running on Amazon S3 and EC2 services: manage instances, backups, deployments, and monitoring. 

AmazonS3, AmazonEC2 
S3Fox Organizer

This Firefox extension provides an user friendly interface for the Amazon S3 storage service. Its interface is very much similar to the FTP interface that lists local folders in the left panel and S3 buckets, files and folders in the right panel. 

SalesForce and

Allows users to add a Box widget with their content into their SalesForce accounts. 

Salesforce, Box 
SAP Streamwork and

SAP StreamWork is an application that brings together people with information for fact-based decision-making. It now features an integration with that allows users to view their Box files from within the Streamwork environment. 


Two command-line shells, one for Java, jSh3ll, and one for C#, for managing your Amazon S3 objects. 

Smart Recorder and

Smart Recorder is an audio recording app for the iPhone, and this mashup allows users to save their recordings to their accounts from within Smart Recorder. 

Snipshot and

Allows users to send files from their Box accounts to Snipshot to be edited, then save them directly back to Box from within Snipshot. 

Snipshot, Box 
SugarCRM and

SugarCRM is an online customer relationship management application, and its integration with allows SugarCRM users to view their content on Box within the SugarCRM environment. 

TechnoAg S3 Browser

A Windows desktop application for viewing, uploading, modifying, and downloading Amazon S3 objects. Available as source or binary.  

Textflow and

TextFlow works with's version history to provide advanced version comparison of all file changes from you and your collaborators.  


Provides image hosting and distribution. Serves your image right off Amazons S3 servers. Thumbnailninja automatically creates usable thumbnails for your images and shortened URLs for easy embedding in IM, Twitter and other services.  

TimeBridge and

Allows users to share files from their Box accounts using TimeBridge, where they can discuss and collaborate around them in real-time with other users. 

Voice Comments for

Mashup of and Twilio to record voice comments on your files stored on The voice comment will be transcribed and added as a comment on This is only a working demo at this point. 

Twilio, Box 


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