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4Wheelz RouteMate

Uses the Google Maps API with StreetView and combines this with knowledge of common test routes to help learner drivers in Birmingham & surrounding areas (UK) to practise their driving test online before the real thing. 

Dear Map

Create your own maps and share with friends. 

GoogleVisualization, GoogleStaticMaps, GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAJAXLanguage 
Globe Genie

Teleport yourself to any location on earth that contains a Street View. 


Links Google StreetView camera perspective to the orientation of the notebook. When you tilt the notebook the camera turns up/down or right/left. Works with Firefox > 3.6 and a ThinkPad or MacBook. 

Map Channels Dual Maps

Dual maps let you display two maps side-by-side for a single location. Use the dual map to combine the features of Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth Maps within one embeddable control. 

MicrosoftBingMaps, GoogleMaps 

Shows a random Google Street View, with the ability to choose by continent or country. There's also a beta feature to restrict rural roadways. 

Povo Boston

User editable encyclopedia of knowledge on Boston. Povo is a place where locals can share–and gather firsthand insights about anything and everything that makes Boston so unique. 

Real Indoor

Real Indoor creates realistic biking experiences while working out on your spin bike or similar devices. Streetview panoramas and the sophisticated physics engine implement real track simulation. Tracks from bicycle directions, GPS recordings or following Streetview panoramas allow for exciting workout experiences. Real Indoor supports control via webcam gestures as well as contrast enhanced streetview images.  

YouTube, UserVoice, Panoramio, GoogleStreetViewImage, GooglePlaces, GoogleMapsElevation, GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, GoogleDirections, GoogleAJAXLibraries 
Street Traveler

Each post in Street Traveler represents a street scenery of a selected place in Google Street View. It is a place for you to hang around when you feel like to go somewhere. Virtually travel around the places we dream of is just a matter of time commitment 

YouTube, GoogleMapsFlash, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
StreetView Adventure Game

Like a classic interactive fiction game like Zork, this demo lets you play a short game that begins with chasing a guy trying to climb out a window in San Francisco. 

Streetview and Swiss Maps

Streetview and Swiss Maps is a google street view/aerial view combiner.  

World Cup Soccer 2010 Venues

A map mashup of World Cup Soccer 2010 Venues along with a StreetView look at the venues. 



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