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Twitter Trends Tagged

This mashup feeds the semantic web service Calais every five minutes with the most recent tweets behind the current twitter trends in order to determine tags for these trends. With the resulting tag set at your fingertips. 

Added: 2010-03-17
Twitter, Calais 

A personalized cross-media folksonomy search engine. 

Added: 2009-08-13
YouTube, Flickr,, Connotea, BibSonomy 

Tagging app for OS X - uses tags to help create smart playlists by tagging in iTunes. Synchronizes between and iTunes. Works with Spotify too, and retrieves lyrics for currently playing track. 

Added: 2009-06-24
LyricWiki, LastFM 

Weather mashup with tagging, forecasting, and commenting, plus personalization and weather tracking. RSS enabled. Registration via OpenId or Facebook Connect. 

Added: 2009-02-04
GoogleMaps, Facebook 
termCloud Search

The main idea is to turn the search process into an act of learning in itself. The app generates a term cloud as a way to explore a subject area, getting an overview over the central terms surrounding a query and navigating the result set. 

Added: 2008-12-27
YahooSiteExplorer, YahooBOSS, GoogleAjaxSearch 

Newstaggr is a new way for browsing news. It gathers news from sources like Reuters, CNN, New York Times, and BBC, and it uses Calais to semantically tag them and create a tag cloud for 12 categories. 

Added: 2008-11-13
Daylife, Calais tag cleaner

Web tool for cleaning your tags. It can detect and merge your duplicate tags automatically. 

Added: 2008-06-17 

Snaplickr is a Flickr photos search tool and social utility. Users can bookmark favorite photos and leave comments for others. Rich Flash based UI. 

Added: 2008-06-06

Shows search results by tag as wall of thumbnail images. 

Added: 2007-03-22
The Arcade Fire Hypecloud

A tag cloud that tracks the words most commonly used to describe Arcade Fire CD Neon Bible. Built using the tagline generator at 

Added: 2007-03-21
Adding Tags to MyBlogLog

Here is a fun little hack with MyBlogLog, the addition of tags. You will be able to tag your visitors and immediately see what you and others have had to say. When your readers click a tag they will see instant inline search results for users. 

Added: 2007-01-12 

This word list is updated throughout the day. By viewing the tags, it gives you an idea of what is going on in the world. Think of it as the News Headlines but shorter 

Added: 2006-12-22
The Cloud Search

The Cloud Search is a tag cloud meta search tool using Google Search API. 

Added: 2006-11-13

Save bookmarks and tag them. Vote bookmarks, comment and discuss. Make new friends and share your favorite tv caps, video clips and screen captures. 

Added: 2006-11-08


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