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Skydeck Mac Dashboard Widget

Check your current cell phone account usage from the Mac Dashboard, so you won't be surprised when your bill comes. 

Skype Chat Messages to Text

Allows you to save your Skype chat messages as text. 

SMS Addon for Wordpress and Contact Form 7

Get notified by SMS when someone fills in your Wordpress online contact form. Also works with Contact Form 7. 

WordPresscom, ClockworkSMS 
SMS Garage Door

Using an Arduino with an ethernet shield and some electronic components I built a Twilio powered garage door. It can tell if the garage door is open or closed and it can also activate the garage door opener if desired. In addition I have a program that runs every 15 minutes and checks the garage door. If it is open past 8:00, it sends my wife and I a text message. We can simply reply to close it. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Want to know how to build an anonymous chat service like ChatRoulette? Check this tutorial on how to build such an app! The tutorial is organised in the form of a rage comic, which conveys emotions in a universally understood manner. :-) 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

When you need to call your TeamSnap team in a hurry, use SnapBlast to instantly broadcast a phone message to the entire team.  

Twilio, TeamSnap 

SOSMS is an app that connects disaster survivors with family members and friends. Sign up for an account, add contacts (people to be notified) and text "SAFE" to the SOSMS number provided to notify your contacts. 

Speak for Me

Use Speak for Me to make a phone call right from your browser and type what you want to say in English, German, French and Spanish. 

Speed Dial Group Messaging Service

Speed Dial Group Messaging allows you to quickly get in touch with your group. Make one phone call, record your message and it is sent out to your entire group by voice, email and text message. 

Speed Phone Dating

Allows people to register for 10 minute speed dating seminars that are conducted over the phone. All calls are dialed using a Twilio number for the caller ID, keeping the user's phone numbers private. 

Twilio, Facebook 
SpokenBuzz on a Map

You click, SpokenBuzz calls you, you record your thoughts, and then your voice appears on the map. Others can reply with their voice and continue the conversation. Discuss restaurants, bars, beaches, whatever you want. 

SpokenBuzz, GoogleMaps 
Status Speak

Using Google Translate (Text to Speech) and Facebook, Status Speak allows you to listen to all your friends' latest status updates for a given time period. 

GoogleTranslate, Facebook 
Stony Brook Humans vs. Zombies

Humans vs. Zombies is a giant game of tag. This website is the official site of Stony Brook University's HvZ game. We use Twilio to communicate with players in real-time so that they don't have to run back to a computer to update their game status. 

Subscription Monitor for Skype

Monitors your Skype subscription usage in real time and also reports FUP - Fair Usage Policy - violations during the current month. Helps avoid having your Skype subscription suspended. 

Surveilio Force

Surveilio Force takes the standard Salesforce approach to surveys and incorporates Twilio to provide phone-based and online surveys. 

Twilio, Salesforce

Dirt-simple in-browser conference calls. Start a call, invite others, and begin talking. 


Zendesk for voice. Talkdesk is a powerful voice customer support system. Answer customer support calls in the browser. 

Twilio Phone-In order Manager

Allows customers of to check the status of their order, place new orders or get in touch with a representative quickly.  

Twilio is your own personal assistant. Send yourself emails, SMSs, or phone call reminders. 

Twilio, GoogleTalk, GoogleCalendar, AIM 

Basic Telepheed features allow you to listen to current trending topics, local tweets in your area and more tweets from any user. 

Twitter, Twilio 


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