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.NET Twilio Libraries

Applications used in coordination provide all of the needed .NET wrappers for quickly building .NET Twilio Applicatoins 

Account Status

This sample application shows how to create a simple call flow that will query a database system to provide a caller with their account balance. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 

Address Change

This example shows how to build a voice application that collects and changes caller address information.  This sample makes use of speech recognition and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 

Asking For Input

Tropo example that creates a phone application that requires simple input. 

Benefits Enrollment

This demonstration shows how to build a system that allows employees to enroll for benefits over the phone.  The application uses the QuickFuse interface and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 

Changing the Default Timeout

How to change the default timeout in Tropo. 


In this tutorial, we show you some basic database operations that will be useful in making your application data persistent across multiple sessions. After reading this tutorial, you will understand the principles of: •Creating a blank database, and adding a table •Connect to a database using a socket •Making queries to an existing database •Update an existing table entry with new data •Create a new entry in the database table •Using a database system with a telephonic application To navigate through this tutorial, use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of this screen. NEXT 

Foursquare voice

Check into Foursquare over the phone, using only your voice. 

Tropo, Foursquare 
Groovy Google Reader Assistant

Reads your Google Reader stream over the phone. * Stub Tropo-specific calls to allow outside testing * Creation of dynamic grammars * Use of speech and dtmf * Use of prompts that can/cannot be interrupted with speech * Interacts w/Google's API system 

Groovy Traffic

Simple Tropo mashup which allows the caller to enter a zipcode and hear a list of traffic incidents provided by Yahoo! Local. 

YahooLocal, Tropo 
Hello World Tutorial

The most basic Tropo example, it shows a phone application the simply provides a message to the user when called. 

Inbound application using TTS

Another simple application, showing how to use TTS to say some text with an incoming call. 

Introduction to Data24-7 API

PDF explains how to use the Data24-7 APIs 

Introduction to Thrutu Button Development

Describes the difference between Native and Web buttons on Thrutu 


MashMe is a Music Hack Day NYC app - it generates a mashup based on predicted user taste. Twilio is used as an option to send the generated mashup to someone's phone.  

Notifo Plugin for OpenVBX

This plugin allows you to trigger Notifo push messages from within OpenVBX call flow. 


An open source clone of Google Voice. More features, too. 

Order Processing

This application demonstrates how to build an order and payment processing voice application using QuickFuse and a SOAP API. You must sign up for a free QuickFuse account to access this application. 


Makes it easy to make your monitoring system call you when something needs attention. All it takes is a single HTTP call to initiate a phone call. 

Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 
PHP for Voxbone API

Use this PHP library to make calls to the Voxbone telephony APIs. 



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