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Chumby Widget

A slideshow widget that displays pictures, mp3s (including voicemail), and notes from a drop on your Chumby. 


Click2Message uses the Broadsoft platform to connect to users via their phone. Whether it is their mobile, land line, or voip phone. Additionally, it uses the MyVox platform to do voice recordings which will soon be available to all users. 

Facebook, BroadsoftXtended, MyVox 

Out of the few existing click-to-call solutions for eCommerce that integrate with Salesforce, solutions for customer service are lacking. Currently, when a customer service rep gets click-to-called, the rep is stuck fumbling around searching for the customer's information. Also, after hanging up call data is not stored in an easily accessible database along with the rest of the customer data. 


Dial a phone number and log the call in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 system using ClicktoDial. 

Cloud Call Me

Users with Cloud Call Me can call each other without revealing their phone numbers online. Each phone number is kept private and never revealed to other users. 

Twilio, Facebook 
Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a PBX system on the cloud for Indian businesses.  


This is an application that allows you send SMS within the US using your Android phone via cloud service provided by Twilio. Saves money for people who don't use SMS often; pay only 2c per message when you use Twilio to send or receive SMS. The current version also provides you a way to receive SMS sent to your Twilio number via email.  

TwilioSMS, GoogleAppEngine 
Cloudient Conference Call Facilitator

User may setup a conference call with participants, their phone numbers, and a start time. At the appointed time, this application calls all of the participants and links them together in a conference call. It also provides complete reporting on who actually participated. 

Cloudient Personal Digital Assistant

The personal digital assistant is an auto attendant that filters calls. It filters calls based on a blocklist, time of day, personal contact list, and close friends identification. It harshly handles blocklist violators, and asks companies and political orgs to place your number on their do not call list. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Cognotix is an easy way for businesses of all sizes to contact with their customers via telephone or the Internet. Using an intutive web-based management console, you can quickly create and deploy feedback response interfaces to your customers in the way that's most convenient for them to respond. Each survey is automatically assigned a unique survey key that customers use to access your survey via a branded web page or a toll-free telephone number.  

Color Pal

Android application to help choose the correct color palette. Color Pal allows you to quickly browse and search through the most popular and newest color palettes from Easily save palettes to your favorites or email them to a friend. 


A Ruby-on-Rails (v2.3.5) application designed to receive any sort of message from any sort of system and send it over SMS (via Twilio), email or instant message. There are facilities to send directly to contacts or groups, to respect time windows, to base delivery on keywords and to ignore messages based on patterns. It will throttle messages globally if they are coming too quickly. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Create conference calls through a simple interface. Get a toll-free number with support for multiple conference rooms, create rooms with a specific purpose and track the number of participants. 


Waitlist management built using Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs. Schedule notifications, predefined messages and auto responses. Data analytics galore.  

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Convoy Call

Tries to simulate the simple joys of talking over CB radio on the highway. Just call in and enter the number of a highway and you will be entered into a group chat with other people traveling along the same road. 

Create a Custom API for Siri Using SendGrid's Parse API

This hack was created at [MoDevEast in Washington DC]( It was designed to be a proof of concept of how you can use the fact that Siri can send emails along with [SendGrid's Parse API]( to create your own custom Siri API. When you are done with this tutorial, you will be able to ask Siri to motivate you and Siri will oblidge by calling you via Twilio to tell you "You are Awesome." :) I hope that you take this concept to the next level and dream up interesting things for Siri to do. At the [SendGrid Mobile Hackday]( a few developers asked Siri to check them into Foursquare, post to Twitter and remotely launch apps on their Macs. 

Twilio, SendGrid 

Crowdcentre is a crowdsourced call centre run by volunteers around the globe with good intention of helping people know more about what they're looking for. 


Cuevox is a meeting reminder service but with a twist. At the proper time, Cuevox will call your attendees and ask them if they would be on time or not. Cuevox then lets you know. 

Custom Song Sender is a service for sending Valentines and Birthday songs to your friends.  

Dead Cell Zones

Add and view dead cell phone areas by carrier. 



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