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Sunny & Share

The application will help condo owners or tenants assess the benefit of subscribing to an interest in a solar system on their building. In addition, it’s a tool for aggregating the demand in the building (getting multiple units to go solar), which may allow for system to be developed on the building and improve the economics for all participating condo owners (or tenants), as the more people that sign-up, the bigger the system and the lower the cost. Developed at the Solar Cleanweb Hack at Sungevity. 

Sunny & Share

Your condo or apartment can now go solar! 

Sunucu Tara IP Lookup

A tool for reverse IP lookup. This site's language is Turkish. 

Synonyms Dictionary

This mashup is a one stop shop for Synonym finding. It uses the synonyms API.  

Tall Tweets

Tall Tweets lets you write longer messages on Twitter by transforming the tweet into an image. 


Real-time schedules and rider alerts from Metro Transit on iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile devices 

Ten Tweets Per Friend

shows ten tweets per friend in twitter 

That Was My Jam

Full track history for all This Is My Jam users. 

The Article Checker

Because the Web is full of poorly written articles, The Article Checker will check an article along four dimensions and grade its value. The highest graded articles get a permanent backlink from this page so rank up! 

The Global Map of Musicians

Plot yourself and collaborate. Find a teacher, start a group, promote your music, share a gig or trade gear local! 

Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, JSONTools, GooglePlus, GoogleMaps, GoogleAnalytics, geocoder, Facebook 

Using the PopShop API, FusionBoutique is a dynamic deals and offers portal for a wide range of products and services.  


A time tracking solution that integrates with online project collaboration software including Basecamp and Blinksale. 

Harvest, FreshBooks, Blinksale, Basecamp 

ToastBank is a forum where users can add and share toasts. You can search through toasts that have been submitted and share the best ones with your friends over Facebook or Twitter.  

Twitter, Facebook 

todoTweet takes all the tweets from your twitter account with #todo and creates a clean and easy to use to-do list. 

Towns Of The World

All the news, tweets, Books, videos, images, maps and information for every town, country and region in the world. 

YouTube, YahooBOSS, TwitterStreaming, Twitter, PaperBackSwap, Panoramio, GooglePicasa, GoogleMaps, Feedzilla, AmazonProductAdvertisingdupe 
Travel Map Generator

A map generator that highlights individual countries. A color picker allows you to select colors for countries. Built using the Google Chart API. 


A new search engine that helps you find travel products more efficiently, so you can search less, travel more. 


Travel mashup which gives complete info about a place from 8 different websites 

WolframAlpha, Tixik, GooglePlaces, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GoogleLatitude, Freebase, Foursquare 

A WordPress plugin that protects your blog from spam comments. It learns from your training and after a short while will adapt to your personal blog and will accurately detect incoming spam. 

Tweaker the Tweet Speaker

Tweaker the Tweet Speaker will speak tweets to you from the global Twitter stream. Listen to tweets as they arrive in six categories from and about some of the most popular users and topics on twitter. Stop reading tweets, and start listening instead. 

Twitter, BingTranslator 


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