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Computational Knowledge Engine

Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers— not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods. 

contentino is an easy to use Amazon Price Tracker. 

Context Booseter for Evernote

Boost your notes with related data from all across the web. All you need to know in one place. 


Determine the cost to charge your EV. Precise and down to the penny based on your energy plan, your EV model and level of charge. 

Craigslist Alerts

Is bookmarklet that will work on any browser and allow you to create alerts while you are searching Craigslist. No account creation needed, simply subscribe and unsubscribe via email.  

Mailgun, LaunchBit 
CriminalBase provides instant criminal background checks to consumers and businesses. 


Crisply is a revolutionary time tracking software that connects with the systems you use to automatically track how you are spending your time, making it easier than ever to complete your timesheet. Features a complete timesheet, project and billing system that also works as a platform to existing accounting systems. 

TripIt, Salesforce, GoogleSSO, GoogleOpenID, GoogleGmailOAuth, GoogleDrive, GoogleDocsList, GoogleCalendar, GoogleAppsEmailMigration, Foursquare, Dropbox, AtlassianBitbucket 
Currency Convertor Ajax Application

Using the Exchange Rate API and Ajax programming, the Currency Converter Ajax Application is an addon that can be installed on any website. 

D.C. taxi fare calculator

This calculator will help you determine your metered cab fare in Washington, D.C. Choose a sample route, or enter a starting and destination address, or drag the green and red map markers. Remember, these are estimates. Actual fares may vary. 

GoogleMaps tag cleaner

Web tool for cleaning your tags. It can detect and merge your duplicate tags automatically. 
Diccionarios Elhuyar

This tool is a service that helps to develop the Basque language. We set out to take the customer’s language needs as a whole into consideration and to provide a quality, integral language service. 


This application helps users visualize satellite dish positioning using Google Maps.  

Distance Between Cities

Calculate the driving distance between cities in km and miles. 

Distance Between Two Cities

Measures the distance between two locations. 

Distances Calculator

Distances Calculator is a free web based tool that allows users to easily calculate the distance between any two cities in the USA. It shows the driving route on a map together with the estimated driving time and the linear distance in miles. It also displays pictures from Panoramio service for both the origin and destination of your trip, together with weather information for both cities. 

Panoramio, GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, GoogleDistanceMatrix, GoogleDirections, GeoNames 
DIY charts

Do-it-yourself charts is a free online chart/graph creation tool. It supports all kind of chart types: line, bar, pie, flow, geo, area, stepped area and others. Utilising the ste-of-the-art technology and with latest web trends in mind we tend to provide you the best chart making tool that is easy as 1-2-3 and fast as lightning! 

GoogleCivicInformation, GoogleCheckout, GoogleChart 

Domlia combines smart algorithms and web services and enables it's users to analyze their websites and domains just in time. 

GoogleAJAXLanguage, DomainTools, Domain, DNSimple, DNSTools 
Double Translation

Through Our Dictionary You can translate text from and to more than 51 Languages easily ,With just one click you get double translation one from Google translator Other from Bing translator two are completely different so you can compare between them and choose best translation for you .  


Driving Evals collects, stores and communicates student and instructor evaluations for High Performance Driving Events. It pulls and pushes student/instructor data from 

Easy Subtitles

Search and download subtitles dragging video files directly into your browser. 



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