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Eldercare Locator by Phone or Text (SMS)

Simply: the Eldercare Locator from is now accessibly via a voice-activated phone system and through text message for 24/7 self service. Oh, and it's open source too! 

Tropo, Heroku, ElderCareLocator 
Enomalism Elastic Computing

An open source, web-based virtual infrastructure platform designed to answer the complexity of managing globally dispersed virtual server environments. Helps to automate the transition to a cloud computing environment. 

AmazonS3, AmazonEC2

Comparison shopping site with deal, savings and free shipping information. Deals, pricing, and reviews from, Ebay, Amazon, and Epinions., EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Etsy Hacks: Shop Value

This tool calculates the total value of items in your Etsy shop, and presents a few other statistics too. 

EtsyHacks: Where Am I?

This tool performs a search using your chosen terms, and reports which page the shop you specify first appears on. It currently only supports the "handmade: tags, titles" search, and will give up after the first 25 pages. 

EyeEm City Explorer

This mashup allows users to sort images by city, category, and more.  

Fast Criminal Records

Fast Criminal Records provides the most complete online criminal records on anyone you know - instant, anonymous & accurate. 

Find Lakes

Find Lakes is an interactive search tool that helps users find lakes by region. The point are displayed on a map via the Google Maps API.  

Flickd Movies

Never forget a movie again. Flickd Movies lets you make a beautiful list of movies that you want to see, notifies you when they're available in theaters and on Netflix, and can even add them to your queue. 


Painless sharing of your Flickr images by tag or set across Facebook & Twitter. Group sharing supported and multiple accounts supported. 

Twitter, Flickr, FacebookGraph 
Floating Link Preview

Floating Link Preview is a tool which displays thumbnail image preview of the web page related to the link underneath your mouse cursor. Uses data from from 


Flocations provides a fresh way to travel, by inspiring travellers for their short-haul getaways. Flocations shows destinations one can fly to from where one is. Simple. With a visual map-based interface. 

GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GoogleLatitude 
Franklin County PVA Property Values

Map of all property values across Franklin county. 


Funtimeplanner helps users plan trips by providing information on the top events and venues across the UK. 


GetParking provides an easily accessible parking location database. Our mission is to one day connect you with parking garages worldwide.  

GoogleStreetViewImage, GoogleMaps, GoogleLatitude 

Giftivo is a gift recommendation website that works by importing your friends' Facebook profile data to provide customized gift ideas. Giftivo can also recommend gifts for friends with limited Facebook profiles or people with no Facebook profiles at all through a unique customization dashboard. 

Facebook, AmazonProductAdvertisingdupe 
GitHub Watches

GitHub Watches for particular user 


With GoLater, Evernote becomes a Mobile Map Content Managent System. With the solution, you can collect all the interesting places and check out their contents also maps or routes anywhere anytime under network connection. 

Golf in Spain course map

Map spanish golf courses with prices depending on the date. 

Google Maps API v3 Tool

This is a drawing tool for polyline, polygon , polygon with holes, rectangle, circle, marker(icon), direction(route, path). This application uses the Google Maps API Version 3 (V3). It has all the features of Google Maps MyMaps and has direct access to the code for the shapes (overlays) you create. 

GoogleMaps, GoogleDistanceMatrix, AgendizeAction 


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