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Translates gettext language definition files (used for software localisation) into various languages using Google Language API. Source code available. 

Handollar features the top deals every day from the various group-buying and one-day deal websites such as Groupon, LivingSocial and more, put them on map, translate them to english if needed. Using Google translate API, Google maps API, Yahoo Places API, Yelp API and many others. 

Yelp, YahooMaps, YahooGeocode, GoogleTranslatorToolkit, GoogleTranslate, GoogleMaps 
How to Say In

How to say words in 23 languages. Auto-detects the searched words or sentence and translates it into 23 languages. Translation is done in the server through JSON curl response. Built with Google AJAX Language API for translation. 

Jollo Language Translation Comparison

Compare search results of popular Translation Engines including Google Translate, Microsoft, Yahoo Babelfish and request human translations to ensure best quality. The site supports more than 21 languages.  

Kangxi Radicals

Kangxi Radicals is an app to identify up to a thousand Chinese characters. The application uses the Forvo API to help with pronunciation.  

Kolay ─░ngilizce Oku

Kolay Ingilizce Oku is a web application that aims facilitate process of reading English text for Turkish speakers. You can click any word that you don't know its meaning, you can save it, to your word list that connected your google account. You can check your word-list and test yourself. Kolay Ingilizce Oku also have a chrome extension. With this extension you can select and analyse any article in web only one click from chrome extension.  

GoogleGmailOAuth, GoogleAppEngine 

Search eBay in Your language(as long as it is on Google Translate list). 

GoogleTranslate, EBay 

MeGlobe is a multiprotocol instant messaging application that applies real time language translation to any messages sent over its network. MeGlobe supports AOL, MSN and Yahoo chat networks in addition to its own. 

YahooMessenger, MSNMessenger, AIM 

A tool that translates RSS feeds into 24 languages. Use Mloovi to generate an RSS feed in the language of your choice. Your users can subscribe to the URL and see your blog in their language when it is updated. 

Multi Translator

Type a text and to get translation results in many languages at the same time. 

Quisoft's mashup playground

This site is a collection of multilingual search applications based on APIs from Google, Yahoo, video search provider Truveo and job search aggregator 

YahooImages, indeed, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleAJAXLanguage 

Free language exchange. A language-learning social network based on Skype. Learn a language while you meet new people and earn some money. 

Speak It All

An online language-learning site providing tutoring and coaching for Arabic, French, and Spanish. 

TutorialsGarden - Web videos with subtitles

Allows users to add subtitles to web videos and search for related products. 

YouTube, Yahoo, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Translation Service via SMS

Send an SMS to translate using BabelFish between English and Spanish and receive a call or SMS with the translation. 

Translation Telephone

Ever played the "Telephone" game, where you send a message around a circle of people and see how it turns out? This is an online version which translates the message from one language to the other using Google Translate and then translates it to the original language. 


Translightor is a Silverlight mash-up using the Google Translator API. Source code available. 

Tweaker the Tweet Speaker

Tweaker the Tweet Speaker will speak tweets to you from the global Twitter stream. Listen to tweets as they arrive in six categories from and about some of the most popular users and topics on twitter. Stop reading tweets, and start listening instead. 

Twitter, BingTranslator 

A fun Twitter app to confound your followers. Twibberish takes your typed tweet and randomly translates it into another language, then translates that translation again, through as many languages as you select, until it reaches the end. 

Twitter, GoogleAppEngine, GoogleAJAXLanguage 

It's twitter translated to 40+ languages. 

Twitter, GoogleTranslate 


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