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Vatsim Flight Tracker

Masup of VATSIM and Google maps to make virtual flight tracker. 

Rating: 4.6 
Visits: 57093 
DUI Map is Google map based a heat map showing concentrations ... 

MapLarge, GoogleMapsFlash
Rating: 4.3 
Visits: 57015 
7 Wonders of the World Map

A Google Maps app on the 7 wonders of the world with Quick-Zoom f... 

Rating: 3.4 
Visits: 5155 
Highway 401 Service Centers

View service centers in both directions on Highway 401 between Mo... 

Rating: 3.4 
Visits: 3932 
Top Beach Party Resorts

Map, photos, and overview of the top 10 party vacation resorts fr... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 3685 Hotel Maps

Mashup of Google Maps and more than 20000 hotels and motels in th... 

Rating: 2.6 
Visits: 2951 
Aircraft Flight Tracking Demo

Demonstration that tracks a private aircraft anywhere in the worl... 

Rating: 3.1 
Visits: 2367 
360 degree Sardinia

400 virtual images of places to visit on the island of Sardinia, ... 

Rating: 3.5 
Visits: 2260 
Best of Citysearch Mashup

Mashup of Citysearch and Google Maps to help find the best restau... 

GoogleMaps, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAjaxFeeds
Rating: 3.3 
Visits: 2215 
Trip Organizer

A 360 degree view of a location while organizing a vacation or bu... 

YahooMaps, WeatherBug, Kayak, hostip, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, FUTEFWikipedia, Flickr
Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 2195 
TripAdvisor Maps

TripAdvisor has mashed up millions of hotel reviews with Google m... 

Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 2138 
Kayak Buzz

This page answers the question: Where can I go for under a certai... 

Kayak, GoogleMaps
Rating: 4.2 
Visits: 2024 

A social community for travelers. Create travel blogs, post your... 

YouTube, YahooTravel, YahooTraffic, YahooMaps, YahooLocal, YahooAnswers, WeatherChannel, Technorati, MicrosoftBingMaps, Kayak, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr, Eventful
Rating: 3.0 
Visits: 1909 
10 Top US Cities Travel Guides

Travel guides for 10 top U.S. cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, ... 

Rating: 2.7 
Visits: 1776 
Track Flight Status

Track US flights in realtime. See results overlaid on a Google Ma... 

Rating: 5.0 
Visits: 1756 

A useful worldwide travel guide in German and English. With embed... 

GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr
Rating: 4.8 
Visits: 1661 
29 Travels

Used to highlight countries you have visited. Supports Google Map... 

GoogleMaps, GoogleEarth
Rating: 4.4 
Visits: 1540 
Free WiFi Hotspot Finder

A comprehensive directory of free Wi-Fi hotspots with an interact... 

Rating: 4.0 
Visits: 1527 
All of Ibiza from one Google Map and Ibiza Now Magazine. Everything from one Google M... 

GoogleMaps, Flickr, BBC
Rating: 3.3 
Visits: 1527 
Europe Photo Helix

Helix designed of Flickr photos of Europe. 

Rating: 4.3 
Visits: 1527 


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