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Lebron's Bike-a-thon

Explore an interactive Virtual Earth map of the King for Kids Bike-a-thon with basketball star LeBron James. The marked areas on the map highlight exclusive video and pictures of the race event and the city of Akron. 


A Finnish flights and aviation site that uses Google Maps to show all official airports in Finland. On the detailed airport page, also view YouTube videos. 

YouTube, Google, GoogleMaps 
Live Streaming from Japan

Live video streaming from Japan including news, TV, radio and radiation measurements from locations in Japan. 

Local Bike Trader

New and used bicycles for sale. 

YouTube, Oodle, GoogleMaps, GoogleAdSense 
Local streamer

Geolocation system that allows you to explore events, data and updates from social networks. Search information about places from various social services and share or simply read a stream of information about any city on earth. Watch videos, comment or chat. 

YouTube, YahooWeather, Wikipedia, Twitter, GoogleMaps, GoogleGeocoding, Freebase, FacebookSocialPlugins, FacebookGraph 
Maiom Italy Real Estate

Italian real estate application using Google Maps with live completion geocoding, google earth integration, starrable posts, RSS feeds, lightboxed images, and YouTube videos. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 
Map the Candidates

See where the US presidential candidates are on the campaign trail with this map. Timeline slider lets you see where they are now or will be in the future. Choose individual candidates, a state, and video. 

map2tag the french touch map

Create maps, share places, tag, bookmark favorite places, add Flickr images and YouTube videos. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps, Flickr 

Mapeas enables users to browse video news by location on a world wide map, so they can read them easier and faster. Mapeas has no unnecessary menus and doesn't ask for user registration. From a technical point of view, it is mashup using Google Maps, Yahoo Pipes and various video news feeds. 

YahooPlacemaker, GoogleMaps - Map of Video and Wikipedia

MapOfVideo lets you find videos and Wikipedia articles related to a specific location identified using Google Maps. Winner of AOL Truveo video mashup contest. 

GoogleMaps, AOLVideo 
Mapped Big Wheel Race

A mashup of the YouTube embedded player Javascript API and Google Maps. It plots the location of the race driver as the video plays. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 

With mappeo, you can geo search YouTube videos and filter specific keywords. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 
Mapping Latest GeogTagged YouTube videos related to Egypt Protests

This Google Maps Mashup maps out the latest GeoTagged YouTube videos which are tagged with "Egypt Protests". 

YouTube, GoogleMaps 

A social community for travelers. Create travel blogs, post your photos & videos, review destinations, befriend other travelers, share with your friends. 

YouTube, YahooTravel, YahooTraffic, YahooMaps, YahooLocal, YahooAnswers, WeatherChannel, Technorati, MicrosoftBingMaps, Kayak, GoogleMaps, GeoNames, Flickr, Eventful 

MapProvision is an online tool that allows you to easily share your geo data on your website. In minutes you can enhance your own website, blog or intranet pages to enable your users to perform customized analysis on your data using thematic overlays, animation, and charting. MapProvision is free to use. It is a 100% cloud-based application and is designed for ease of use with no downloads or coding required. MapProvision can represent spatial data in a number of unique layers such as multi geometry (points, lines and polygons), interpolation, raster grid, circles, density, videos, and your own customizable image sets. It also includes visualizations to chart trends in your data using scatter plot, histogram, and data tables. 

GoogleVisualization, GoogleSSO, GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps, GoogleGmailOAuth, GoogleFusionTables, GoogleChart, GoogleAppEngine 
Miami Vice Movie Map

Use this movie mashup to learn about points of cultural, historical, and criminal interest in Miami. 

Molu The Search Spider Places

Developed as an add-on to the search engine, Molu, enter a city and then view it mapped, along with Flickr photos, Wikipedia entries, weather, YouTube videos, and more about the location. Print the image on a custom goodie. 

Zazzle, YouTube, YahooMaps, YahooGeocode, WeatherBug, FUTEFWikipedia, Flickr 

MonsterPreps is a college sports recruiting community where athletes can post photos, videos, game stats, and information to market themselves to college coaches and recruiters. 

YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, GoogleMaps 
Monumental Adventure

Take a video tour around London and add your own content to this graphically rich travel video mashup. 

Most Trusted Celebrities

Forbes list of the most Trusted Celebrieties in American. Mapped with links to Google Videos. 



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