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Videva is the biggest music video database on the Internet. All the artists, all the videos, at a click's distance. Putting together the music catalog and the Youtube video catalog, Videva brings you the most structured music video search tool to date. Discover new artists and new videos, or listen to your favorite music through our simple interface. 

Added: 2013-12-19
YouTube, LastFM, ITunesAppStoreSearch, Facebook 

MvBanana is a radio station that plays music videos. This is a fun way of discovering new or forgotten music.  

Added: 2013-10-07
YouTube, MusixMatch, Lyricsfly 
Visual Groove

Visual Groove is total entertainment experience: music with accompanying imagery. Visual Groove is a ground-breaking digital music service that aggregates and displays images in an entertaining way during song play. With on-demand access to Rdio, Visual Groove has access to over 12 million songs. 

Added: 2013-07-19

Soundrenalin is a music and videos search engine that uses YouTube to pull in all relavent content.  

Added: 2013-05-15

Uses (,,, and to give you music player and social app. 

Added: 2013-04-26
YouTube, VK, SoundCloud, LastFM, Exfm, Discogs 
Music Spider aims to help many different types of music lovers to explore music; one user can explore music of different regions or types, another might be curious to hear music related to an artist that he/she enjoys and another may want to generate a jukebox to play background music at the office. Because the music is located on youTube this creates an opportunity to find a wide range of results (interviews, live events, singles etc.). Users create stations to store their compilations and can share stations with their 'friends' by posting links on their facebook timeline. 

Added: 2013-04-06
YouTube, LastFM, FacebookGraph 

ShowHear is a concert browsing service that enables you to quickly browse videos of artists playing in your area. 

Added: 2013-03-12
YouTube, Songkick, LastFM 
fuhshniZZle Music Video Jukebox

FuhshniZZle is a music streaming mashup that pulls content from Youtube and allows users to search and play their favorite music, without interruption.  

Added: 2012-10-09
YouTube, Discogs 

Watch a relavent video playlist full of interesting info with your friends. 

Added: 2012-06-25
YouTube, Twilio, RoviCloudServices, LastFM, AuthorityLabsPartner, AuthorityLabsAccount top tracks chart generator

Shows user's top tracks and it's correlation with this tracks total listening count. User can watch youtube video for any track on chart. 

Added: 2012-04-15
YouTube, LastFM 

Jozomello TV is a web page that serves Turkish,Kurdish,Arabic,Armenian and Persian music clips and videos. It uses YouTube API and selects videos order by popularity and view count. 

Added: 2012-04-06
YouTube, GoogleAppEngine 
s3audible - Music and Video Streaming

S3audible is a amazon s3 music and video player that will stream straight from your amazon s3 buckets easy to setup get started straight away! 

Added: 2012-03-20
AmazonSES, AmazonS3 

Sound and video search from soundcloud, youtube, and dailymotion. 

Added: 2012-03-15
YouTube, SoundCloud, FacebookSocialPlugins, Dailymotion, AddThisServices 

Discover new artists and music with an app based on and YouTube APIs. MusicWall creates a list after you provide an artist's name and lets you browse similar artists, discover new music, rediscover old music, or even "go classical". 

Added: 2011-12-25
YouTube, SpotifyMetadata, LastFM 
Pulse of Bollywood

Weekly Top Bollywood Songs based on Youtube view count 

Added: 2011-12-01

allSongsBy provides full song listings for any artist via YouTube's vast free music collection. Lists are organized by artist and album. 

Added: 2011-09-19
YouTube, ITunesandiTunesConnect 

Easy way to listen music. 

Added: 2011-09-09

Share an online video link via SMS message with Mod9. Recipients can listen to the audio portion of the video by either dialing the number that sent the message or replying to the message in order to receive a call back. 

Added: 2011-08-29
TwilioSMS, Twilio 

ListnPlay allows users to make and share playlists of audio, video, albums or other people's playlists. 

Added: 2011-08-08
SoundCloud, MusicBrainz, YouTube

A library and search engine about music. Query song titles, singers, song description or lyrics. Browse artists, music genre or albums. 

Added: 2011-07-10
YouTube, NextBigSound, LastFM, GoogleBase, ChartLyricsLyric 


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