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Get lots of information about your favorite artists. View album information, find mp3 songs, lyrics, biographies, podcasts, or find a good deal in eBay. You can also rate artists and add comments. 

YouTube, SeeqPod, OpenStrands, GoogleAjaxFeeds, Eventful, EBay, DigitalPodcast, AmazonEC2 

Brazilian site that shows music suggestions along with music videos. 

YouTube, LastFM 

Music videos on demand. Includes data from and YouTube. 

YouTube, LastFM 
Facebook Music with Last.FM and MTV

Facebook app that displays all your Last.FM charts and recently purchased items from Items. Allows previewing of music and has artist profiles with Music Videos from MTV. 

MTV, LastFM, Facebook, AmazonFulfillmentWebService 

A music video mini portal, driven off the MTV content API. Uses jaxer as server side scripting and Google Suggest for auto-complete. 

MTV, Google

Create and share music video playlists. Built using the MTV API. 


Feedera is a personalized Twitter digest of the best content shared among your friends, delivered to your inbox every morning. 

Twitter, Facebook, Digg,,

Microblogging with a twist. Instead of typing text, just fill in a couple of blanks. integrates with Google Maps for location data, for music playlists and YouTube for video viewing. 

YouTube, LastFM, GoogleMaps, AmazonProductAdvertising 

Search your favorite video sites, listen to music radio stations, play free online games, all in one stop and one click to start without leaving the site. 

YouTube, YahooVideo, LastFM, Heyzap, AOLVideo

Search and listen to songs instantly. 


Flokoon is a visual search engine that lets you explore websites in a Flash-based visualization. Uses APIs including for music data and YouTube for video. 

YouTube, LastFM, Fotolia 

A prototype visualizer for Friend Of A Friend relationship objects. It mashes up MyBlogLog FOAF objects, and adds favorites from, Digg,, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Upcoming, Tumbler, Twitter, and YouTube if it can find them. 

Upcoming, Twitter, Tumblr, MyBlogLog, LinkedIn, LastFM, FriendFeed, Digg,, YouTube, Zillow 
Follow the Nookie

A mashup for the band Limp Bizkit. See their concert history on a Google Map and watch recommended videos. 

YouTube, Twitter, TinyGeoCoder, GoogleMaps, Flickr 
FoxyTunes Planet

Universal personalized music mashup integrating many music resources into one convenient place, then making them available through the FoxyTunes browser extension, which supports more than 30 media players and music services.  

YouTube, YahooImages, YahooAudio, MusicBrainz, LastFM, GoogleAjaxSearch, Flickr, AmazonProductAdvertising 
fuhshniZZle Music Video Jukebox

FuhshniZZle is a music streaming mashup that pulls content from Youtube and allows users to search and play their favorite music, without interruption.  

YouTube, Discogs 
Gajeebo Search Aggregation Engine

Gajeebo is a search aggregation engine. It retrieves and aggregates results from world's most popular sites. These results are showcased under various tabs, thus streamlining the search and saving time. 

YouTube, Yahoo, Spock, LastFM, InternetVideoArchive 
Glastonbury 2009 Lineup Mashup

A mashup adding information from, amazon, the BBC and through them Music Brainz and Wikipedia, as well as music from LazyTune and videos from Google to the Glastonbury 2009 lineup. Includes Facebook app to mark bands. 

LazyTune, LastFM, Guardian, Google, Facebook, BBCMusic, AmazonProductAdvertising, MusicBrainz, YouTube 
GO DJ profile

A DJ or producer profile bio is completed by youtube videos, myspace content, blog posts, gigs from their own website and articles scraped from other websites. Link provided shows this for dj Tiesto. 

Hindi Songs Search

Highly customized search engine for searching Hindi songs, with audio, video, and lyrics. 

YouTube, GoogleCustomSearch, GoogleAjaxSearch 
I Love Music Video

Music video viewer for users. The music video can be seen from the chart of very easily. 

YouTube, LastFM 


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