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M.O.M. Open Source Music Player

An open source music library and player that organizes your music and allows you access to it online. Set up accounts for your friends to listen, and they can create their own playlists. Uses APIs from, Lyricsfly, LyricsWiki and YouTube. 

YouTube, LyricWiki, Lyricsfly, LastFM 
Mashup Keyword

A Mashup that takes a keyword and then fetches photos, videos, blog, news and events. Developed using the Zend Framework.  

YouTube, Yahoo, YahooImages, Rhapsody, LyricWiki, LastFM, Google, Flickr, Eventful 
MeeLyrics for MeediOS

Lyrics module for Meedios home theatre front-end for PCs. Uses Lyricsfly API. Can be replacement service for EvilLyrics.  


Track new releases for books, movies, music, and video games. Add authors, actors, directors, musicians, publishers, etc. to favorites and get notified when new releases come out from that list. 

LastFM, Goodreads, AmazonProductAdvertising 
MIKEsearch - Karaoke search engine

Find lyrics and karaoke videos with this mashup. Record it and publish it also. 

YouTube, LyricWiki

Share an online video link via SMS message with Mod9. Recipients can listen to the audio portion of the video by either dialing the number that sent the message or replying to the message in order to receive a call back. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 

Random generator of music-video playlists based on the specified mood: (happy, sad, angry, relaxed) and genre. Great for finding new bands. 

YouTube, UClassify, LastFM

Browse videos and convert them into a more friendly format. For example, download a video as MP3. 

YouTube, AmazonS3, AmazonEC2 
Mp3 Album is a music mashup site that has artists Mp3s, albums, videos, and images. Listen to Mp3s online. Also has popular artists by country. 

YouTube, SeeqPod, LastFM, GooglePicasa 
MP3 Albums and Songs Downloads

Download mp3 songs and mp3 albums. Read the reviews and learn more about the music, see the YouTube videos. Also uses the Amazon e-commerce API. 

LyricWiki, LastFM, AmazonProductAdvertising, YouTube 
MTV Music Videos

Music videos from thousands of MTV artists. Structured with custom UI and search. 


Explore musical artists with this mashup of LastFm, MySpace, YouTube, and Google Videos.  

YouTube, LastFM 

Aggregates favorites or uploaded items from popular web sites including digg, Flickr,, Twitter and Youtube. 

YouTube, Twitter, SlideShare,, Pownce, LastFM, Flickr, Digg, 
Music Anchor

Music discovery on your PC using, MusicBrainz, Amazon, eBay. Create your own playlists and stream them directly from YouTube. 

YouTube, MusicBrainz, LastFM, EBay, AmazonProductAdvertising 
Music Artist Cloud

Just enter your favorite musical artist and discover all related artists. It has never been easier to find good bands. Youtube videos and amazon links included. 

YouTube, LastFM, AmazonProductAdvertising, Google 
Music Artist Cloud

Discover Music you like using tag cloud of similar artists inclusing videoclips. Powered by Google Java App Engine. 

LastFM, GoogleAppEngine, Discogs, Wikipedia, YouTube 
Music Artist Cloud App

Android app that lets you discover music bands and artists similar to your favorites. Integrates with and YouTube and uses tagclouds to find related artists. 

YouTube, LastFM, GoogleAppEngine 
Music Cloud for Android & iPhone

Music discovery on your smartphone using tag clouds, video clips and more. 

YouTube, MusicBrainz, LastFM, GoogleAppEngine, ChartLyricsLyric 
Music Creek

Play music videos of artists continuously, sync them between YouTube and local iTunes, and sync them with your iPod or iPhone. Also provides video playlists based on top ranking of iTMS and other sources. 

YouTube, LastFM, Facebook 
Music Enthusiast

Search for your favorite artist. Be able to visually see locations of their upcoming concerts and events. Check out their hottest videos on YouTube. 

YouTube, GoogleMaps, Eventful 


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