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.NET Wrapper for Flickr API

The Flickr.Net API is a .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. Written entirely in C# it can be accessed from with any .Net language in .Net Framework 1.1, .Net Framework 2.0, .Net Compact Framework 2.0 and Mono. 

ActionScript 3 YouTube Library

An ActionScript3 library for searching videos from YouTube.  

ActionScript YouTube Library

This library provides an easy-to-use set of wrapper classes to consume YouTube Data API web services. 

AS3 Library for YouTube API

The YouTube ActionScript library provides an ActionScript 3.0 interface to the YouTube API. 

Coding the YouTube API with JSP

Example of how to code YouTube with Java and JSP pages. 

Create a custom YouTube video player with Flex

This free tutorial shows you how to create a custom YouTube video player using Flex. Demo and source code included. 

Filmaster API

Python code of the Filmaster open movie recommendations API. 

Getting Started with Zencoder's Video Encoding API

Step by step guide to encoding your video's with Zencoder's Cloud-based API. 

HeyWatch Video via Ruby

Ruby wrapper for the HeyWatch video encoding service. 

Hosting the Windows Live Contacts gadget

Microsoft Channel 9 video on scenarios around what the Windows Live Contacts gadget is for and how a developer can integrate it on any web site. 

MTV API Video Tutorial

This tutorial including a screencast shows a user how to discover the MTV API with the Firefox browser and includes working Python code. 

Objective-C Wrapper for Flickr API

ObjectiveFlickr is a Flickr API framework written in Objective-C. It aims to simplify the work needed for creating a Flickr desktop application on OS X. 

Official Java Source for YouTube

The official Java library for the YouTube Data API. Lets apps retrieve and update YouTube content via Google Data API feeds. 

Official YouTube Objective-C Library

An Objective-C library for YouTube from Google. Built around GData APIs to provide a simple protocol for reading and writing data on the web.  

Official YouTube Python Library

The official python library for the YouTube Data API. Lets applications retrieve and update YouTube content in the form of Google Data API feeds.  

Perl Library for YouTube API

From the site:This is a Perl interface to YouTube API and RSS.This module support only Legacy API, does not support YouTube Data API based on Google data protocol. See YouTube Data API Overview for details 

Perl Wrapper for Flickr API

Perl interface to the Flickr API 

PHP Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:Phlickr is a PHP5 library designed to wrap the web service API provided by Flickr, a web based photo storage service. Phlickr requires that PHP5 be compiled with the CURL and SimpleXML extensions.  

Python for Brightcove

Python Implementation of the Brightcove Backend Integration API. 

Python Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:A Python wrapper and example scripts for the Flickr API. It returns nice objects that are easy to manipulate:  



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