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How to build a simple video chat application in a few steps.  

Added: 2013-11-15
Receive Video Messages from your Website

This tutorial is based on code created at the [App Developer Conference Conference and Hackathon]( in Santa Clara, CA as a result of about 4 hours of hack time. Thus, it is extremely rough, though it should serve as a good starting point for working with both [AppMobi]( and the [SendGrid API]( This code has been tested on a MacBook Air running Lion. The iOS portion was tested using an iPhone 4s using the AppMobi labs iPhone app. This program will allow you to send an email within your iPhone or Android app, view rudimentary account statistics and receive a SMS message when a link is clicked in your email. 

Added: 2012-01-03
TokBoxOpenTok, Thinglink, SendGrid API Example

A fully functional, albeit short, snippet of code to get you up and working quickly with the API. This example demonstrates how to query the API and process the JSON results in PHP. 

Added: 2011-10-28
Getting Started with Zencoder's Video Encoding API

Step by step guide to encoding your video's with Zencoder's Cloud-based API. 

Added: 2011-08-01

Sample source code for using Raydash. An example of using raydash to make a stranger connect website. Add actual stream pointing functionality. 

Added: 2011-02-24
Filmaster API

Python code of the Filmaster open movie recommendations API. 

Added: 2011-01-24
Upload A Video To Ooyala With PHP

One of the advantages of Ooyala is their nice API. They have some example code for you to use, but one feature that was lacking was uploading. They also have a widget that does do uploading but it is handled through Flash, something I wanted to avoid. 

Added: 2010-09-12
YouTube to Digital Signage Mashup

This Mashup queries a specified YouTube Account via the Google Data API and lets you import a YouTube Playlist into the Oxygen Digital Signage CMS.  

Added: 2010-04-12
Create a custom YouTube video player with Flex

This free tutorial shows you how to create a custom YouTube video player using Flex. Demo and source code included. 

Added: 2009-10-22
Twitter powered Youtube subtitles

Create closed captions for Youtube videos by mining appropriately hashtagged tweets published during a live original broadcast. 

Added: 2009-08-24
YouTube, Twitter 
VideoSurf Search API Usage Example

How to retrieve and display the latest episodes of "30 Rock" using VideoSurf's search API. Includes PHP snippet. 

Added: 2009-07-21
Youtube PHP Script

if you are looking for an easy and legal way to publish youtube videos at your website you have reached the right place. with this fabulous and free php script you get access to the great amounts of videos stored at youtube. 

Added: 2009-06-07
Ruby Implementation of Vimeo API

A full featured Ruby implementation of the Vimeo API 

Added: 2009-02-07
Python for Brightcove

Python Implementation of the Brightcove Backend Integration API. 

Added: 2009-02-07
AS3 Library for YouTube API

The YouTube ActionScript library provides an ActionScript 3.0 interface to the YouTube API. 

Added: 2008-11-12
ActionScript YouTube Library

This library provides an easy-to-use set of wrapper classes to consume YouTube Data API web services. 

Added: 2008-11-12
MTV API Video Tutorial

This tutorial including a screencast shows a user how to discover the MTV API with the Firefox browser and includes working Python code. 

Added: 2008-11-08
Using the Netflix API: A step-by-step guide

Good hands-on tutorial on how to build applications with the Netflix API. Walks you through sign-up through using OAuth, JSON and getting movie data. 

Added: 2008-10-02
ActionScript 3 YouTube Library

An ActionScript3 library for searching videos from YouTube.  

Added: 2008-07-27
Python Wrapper for Flickr API

From the site:A Python wrapper and example scripts for the Flickr API. It returns nice objects that are easy to manipulate:  

Added: 2008-07-08


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