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Nooblast is a visualization of real-time data from several APIs. It calculates the "network buzz" of two keywords and maps them on globes, creating noosphere clouds. 

Added: 2014-04-21
Twitter, Technorati, NewYorkTimesNewswire, Flickr, Digg 
NP-Food: Exact Cost

NP-Food demonstrates the knapsack problem in the most gratifying and delicious way possible. Get a meal from a random restaurant in your vicinity costing exactly what you would like. 

Added: 2013-11-20
Amtrak Train Routes

This mashup displays the location of Amtrak trains in real-time. Users can click on routes to see a closer view of the travel status.  

Added: 2013-10-09
Marinexplore is the easiest way to explore, discover, and share public ocean data. The mashup uses the Google Maps API to display various ocean statistics.  

Added: 2013-09-13
Game of Thrones Map

This interactive map represents the fictional world of the hit series Game of Thrones. Users can explore the world and easily visualize the movement of characters.  

Added: 2013-09-02
UK Economic Indicators Dashboard

Create a personalised dashboard of line charts to keep an eye on the UK economy. The page uses a PHP script to scrape time-series data CSVs from the Office for National Statistics website each day and add them to a MySQL database. Two more PHP scripts provide data to the page in JSON format. 

Added: 2013-08-23
Road Kill Map

The Road Kill Map mashup is a visual representation of the 1.24 million death that occur every year on roadways across the world. Aggressively styled on Google Maps, this mashup is a visual masterpiece.  

Added: 2013-08-19
Racial Dot Map

The Racial Dot Map is a unique way of visualizing racial diversity in America. Users can easily see a geographic breakdown of population density by race.  

Added: 2013-08-17
San Francisco Illustrated

This mashup was designed by illustrator Abby Putinski. It is a visual representation of her experiences in San Francisco, displayed on a stylized version of Google Maps.  

Added: 2013-08-15
GoogleMapsData, GoogleMaps 
Prezi Real Time Collaboration

This map displays how many Prezi users are collaborating across the world at any one time. This powerful visualization is displayed using Google Maps.  

Added: 2013-08-01
NukeMap 3D

NukeMap 3D is a visual representation of the impact of different size nuclear explosions. You can see the blast radius represented on google maps by placing a pin on any location in the world.  

Added: 2013-07-29
Your Tour

Your Tour is a digital experience allowing you to discover the main stages of the 100th edition of the Tour De France through Google products.  

Added: 2013-07-18

Skypicker is a European low-cost airline ticker search engine that displays results on Google Maps. The tool has several search filters that make finding the right flight easy.  

Added: 2013-07-12
Pothole Season

Pothole Season is a service that displays the location of potholes on a map. If you are looking to go for a drive and want to avoid bumpy roads, this mashup is just for you.  

Added: 2013-07-04
BBC News Visualizer

A BBC News Data visualization demo using PHP + HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery. 

Added: 2013-05-28
Companies Near Me

Companies Near Me is a Google Map of tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Added: 2013-05-24

The best way to find the latest Instagram photos from around the world, or around the corner. 

Added: 2013-05-21

This mashup is an app that will help you discover that new adventure or vacation through amazing photography from some of the most amazing photographers in the world. 

Added: 2013-04-25
Say it in Bacon

make your own custom designs all with bacon .. and print it on anything from t-shirts to Phone cases 

Added: 2013-04-03
Webtomap: news, videos and photos on a map

On Webtomap you can post and discuss your local news, photos and videos. You can select content by tag and rating to find the stuff you like. All items posted on webtomap can be easily shared on all major social networks. To start adding your stuff to the map, login with Facebook, Twitter and Google. 

Added: 2013-04-01
WordPressorg, GoogleMaps 


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