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Raspberry Pi and Plivo — Call Mom Button

This project was contributed by Andy Fundinger, a professional Python developer. Andy built this integration as a way to teach his students how to make calls to their mother's using Plivo and Raspberry Pi.  

Added: 2014-03-17

This mashup is an example use of the Infoconnect API with a call center type application. 

Added: 2013-12-03
Twilio, InfogroupInfoconnect 
Santa Call

Let Santa Call makes phone calls to your friends, and play them a Christmas song. 

Added: 2013-01-27
Call Me Back

Send a Voice Message or SMS to your friends when you run out of money. Let them call you back! 

Added: 2013-01-15
HoiioVoice, HoiioSMS 
Auto Attendant (Open Source)

This is an open source project (using PHP) for Auto Attendant, which is a telephony app that handles incoming calls and transfer to phone numbers. Also includes recording voicemail and sending SMS reminder. 

Added: 2012-11-20
HoiioVoice, HoiioSMS, GoogleURLShortener 
Company Directory

Using Google AppEngine as a server (FREE!) and Hoiio API, this app helps company setup a corporate directory which transfer callers as they key in the extension number. 

Added: 2012-11-12
HoiioVoice, GoogleAppEngine 
Prank My Friend

Prank my friend shows the power of mashups. This time for bad.  

Added: 2012-09-19
Tweaker the Tweet Speaker

Tweaker the Tweet Speaker will speak tweets to you from the global Twitter stream. Listen to tweets as they arrive in six categories from and about some of the most popular users and topics on twitter. Stop reading tweets, and start listening instead. 

Added: 2012-08-15
Twitter, BingTranslator 

Call in Weather Conditions and Forecast app. 

Added: 2012-06-01
WeatherUndergroundWunderground, Twilio 

vuzzbox is a user interface for visual web browsing using voice commands. vuzzbox is powered by Drupal, Twilio, iSpeech and Amazon's DynamoDB vuzzbox is the embodiment of the "programmable web". It allows for a variety of uses including: Voice over IP in a plug and play browser client, Fast, accurate speech-to-text conversion from a hosted service, A scalable, instantly responsive data-store that can be leveraged to serve as traffic manager between these API's, browsers and web servers, All programmable with simple calls in PHP?  

Added: 2012-04-01
Twilio, ISpeechAutomatedSpeechRecognitio, AmazonRDSRelationalDatabaseServi, AmazonEC2, AmazonDynamoDB 
Voice Broadcast

Don't just send text messages to phone; use Voice Broadcast to send your message, converted from text-to-speech, and play it via phone call. 

Added: 2011-12-16
Free Conferencing

Call up to 8 people with this free conferencing mashup that uses the Hoiio Voice API. 

Added: 2011-12-16

JobSpeek is a free mobile job posting app that re-imagines the traditional job description. Our format lets you add a picture of your business and the ability to record a 60 second audio “hiring message” right from your mobile device. 

Added: 2011-12-09
Twitter, SimplyHiredJobs, LinkedIn, Facebook 

Access your personal phone book from any phone with a simple phone call or from a computer. A lost, stolen, uncharged or damaged cell phone doesn't mean you've lost access to your contacts. As a Bevoz member you have backup access from any phone worldwide. Simply dial the Bevoz access number and use your personalized secure PIN to access your account contacts.  

Added: 2011-11-21

Most information available on the internet is not directly consumable by software systems. Information is locked away behind the presentation layer markup or javascript callbacks. provides Targeted Portfolio Analysis, Recorded Document Search, Servicing Research Tasks and other web scraping methods. 

Added: 2011-11-19

A two-way phone greeting system for individuals to send text or audio messages using GreetGenie wish credits. Based on the Twilio API. 

Added: 2011-11-18

Allows people to create and participate in scavenger-based road rallies in a unique way. It uses the Twilio client and browser-based geolocation as elements of the scavenger hunt. 

Added: 2011-11-16
How to say

Pronunciations Android app based on Forvo API 

Added: 2011-11-01

An example site mashing up click to call with Twilio and invoicing with FreshBooks. The app simplifies the job of tracking unpaid invoices and communications with clients about those bills.  

Added: 2011-10-25
Twilio, FreshBooks 
I Do Voices

Like Catch Phrase, but you use your phone instead of a device, and everyone always has a word. Text "play" to start. You will receive the name of a famous person/character. Get others in your group to text that name to the number (without saying it yourself; text "pass" to skip). You can receive points either by guessing correctly or by getting guessed. The first person to a set score wins! 

Added: 2011-10-19
TwilioSMS, Twilio, GoogleAppEngine 


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