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Cloud Call Me

Users with Cloud Call Me can call each other without revealing their phone numbers online. Each phone number is kept private and never revealed to other users. 

Twilio, Facebook 
Company Directory

Using Google AppEngine as a server (FREE!) and Hoiio API, this app helps company setup a corporate directory which transfer callers as they key in the extension number. 

HoiioVoice, GoogleAppEngine 

Create conference calls through a simple interface. Get a toll-free number with support for multiple conference rooms, create rooms with a specific purpose and track the number of participants. 

Convoy Call

Tries to simulate the simple joys of talking over CB radio on the highway. Just call in and enter the number of a highway and you will be entered into a group chat with other people traveling along the same road. 


Crowdcentre is a crowdsourced call centre run by volunteers around the globe with good intention of helping people know more about what they're looking for. 


Cuevox is a meeting reminder service but with a twist. At the proper time, Cuevox will call your attendees and ask them if they would be on time or not. Cuevox then lets you know. 

DEAN Alert

A communications platform that allows millions of people to be instantly notified. 

Dear Emmy

The best diary is the one you have with you. Today, everyone has a phone with them at all times. With Dear Emmy, you can record a thought (sound/etc) by simply dialing a phone number and speaking. In the event you cannot talk, you can send a text message. Taken even further, if you are sitting in front of your computer and a thought pops in your head, you can simply click record on and your message will be recorded and saved forever. 

TwilioSMS, Twilio 
Decisions for Heroes

Decisions for Heroes provides a web-based application that helps organize and analyze rescue operations and training exercises. Decisions for Heroes helps save lives by improving the response time and response quality of rescue organizations. 


A Twilio clone of the Dial-A-Joke system. The joke with the most votes is considered the featured joke and is played when you call the application's phone number. 


Tracks leads using a unique telephone number so that customers can be tracked when calling instead of just when they enter information into a website. 

Digest Report

Littera Report is a source for independent media that promotes all original content by geographic region. Site is still under development and uses Facebook, Twitter, Twilio and Twilio SMS APIs. 

Twitter, TwilioSMS, Twilio, Facebook 
Discovery Channel NASA

Discovery uses the Evoca API for leaving voice messages as an interactive feature for its "When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions" series, inviting fans to record stories and memories of the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs. 

Evoca Agent Notifications

Notify member agents of new customers that are seeking real estate agents in their area. Full buyer/seller details are provided over the phone for deciding whether to work with the prospect.  

duhBATE 08

Example of the Jaduka Web-initiated calling and voice recording services as applied to interactive marketing. 


A handy toolbar and plug-in that automatically scans Web pages and converts all phone numbers into clickable links that initiate phone calls. 


Enables Web site visitors to leave audio comments or testimonials that can be heard by others through a nifty module that is placed on a blog or Web site. 


Eardrop uses the Twilio API to create a system where favorite comedians can call in and record messages. Each of these messages is then automatically compiled by a computer into a podcast and distributed via Earwolf's various channels.  

Easy Voip Recorder

Record store, organize and share your VoIP conversations. With this tool you can record and save Skype, Gtalk, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, VoipBuster, 12Voip, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live, and Globe7. 

Skype, GoogleTalk 
Escape My Date

Makes it easy for people on dates to crowdsource getting out of awkward social situations. Sending a DM to @EscapeMyDate initiates the call for help. Winner of most votes for Women 2.0 Startup Weekend SF 2009. 

Twitter, Twilio 


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