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Easy WordPress based system that allows you to manage SMS campaigns for yourself or on behalf of your clients. You can also allow clients to send their own messages via the accompanying SMS Butler plugin. 

WordPresscom, TwilioSMS, Twilio 

SnapWidget allows you to display your Instagram photos on your website or blog using an easily customizable and embeddable widget. 

SocialActions - Take Actions Widget

The Related Ways to Take Action Widget figures out what your site's about and then displays related calls to action from,,,,, and fifteen other social action platforms. 


A spell-checker Google Gadget. 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop 

An online spell checker. This service was an iGoogle Gadget to improve spelling while using Google's web search that generates over 100,000 visitors per day. This web site is an enhanced version of that gadget. 

YahooQueryLanguage, YahooBOSS, AftertheDeadline 
Spicy Pipes Creative Mashups

SpicyPipes allows users to create online mashups. The created mashups for personal use and share them with others through tagging. Slideshow greetings, answers, travel guides, file storage, and sharing. 

YahooWidgets, YahooTravel, YahooMyWeb, YahooAnswers, Riya, GooglePicasa, GoogleMaps, GoogleClientAuth, GoogleAjaxSearch, GoogleAdWords, Flickr, AmazonS3, 23 
Sporepedia Gadgets

Find wild creatures for EA Spore using this Google gadget for asset search views. 

Spore, GoogleHomepage 
Sports History Widget

The history of professional and major league sports teams in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year features a professional sports team from the past or present. 

StumbleUpon Preview

Preview what every one is stumbling upon in StumbleUpon. Dynamically add or remove tabs for the tag of your interest from tag cloud. 

SUV Pollution

See if your SUV is environmental friendly. Data is from Swivel. Displays all 2007 SUV models and their gas economy. A funny discovery: An SUV with smaller engine is not necessarily a more environmental friendly vehicle. 

Tchibo iGoogle Gadget

All Tchibo shopping offers in a tiny gadget. Never miss a bargain. Supports,,,, and 

GoogleHomepage, GoogleDesktop, AmazonEC2 

Mashup created with the Eddy Framework and Yahoo APIs that displays the latest technology news from PC Magazine, The BBC, HowStuffWorks and Major Geeks in a tabular structure. 

YahooWidgets, BBC 
The Gadget

Gadget that includes 4 tabs that display favorite features: Amazon Gold Box and Lightning deals, Amazon Bestsellers, Amazon Movers and Shakers, and Amazon Search. Users can select Amazon's product category of their choice. 

AmazonProductAdvertising, GoogleHomepage 
Top 10 artists

This widget displays 10 most popular artists of user. Data can be shown for all time, 1 year, 6 months, 3 months and 1 week. 

Top Five List Widget

The Daily Top Five list in a Google Gadget. Each day of the year presents a new top five list compiled from sports, music, films, society, and more. 

GoogleHomepage - Twitter Signature and Counter Generator

Generate Twitter Signature & counter with more than 120+ types of cool signature image adn counter button to be shown on your website, blog, forum with your latest twit message, followers and your friends. Wordpress,Joomla, Blogger widget is available.  

Twitter Search Badge

Build a Twitter Search Badge in 15 Minutes. This is a case-hardened JavaScript badge that searches Twitter. Also included is a 15-slide presentation that will walk you through the full development process. 

Twitter Trends Explained

An iGoogle gadget that shows the most recent 100 trends, along with a short description of why they are currently trending. 

WhatTheTrend, GoogleHomepage 
UK Carbon Footprint Project

A platform for a carbon calculator gadget, built as a partnership among Google, the Energy Saving Trust, and RSA. Uses the AMEE engine and draws on the UK CO2 calculator for its data, calculations, and approved methodologies. 

Underpriced Home Search

This gadget is to help find properties that are a specified percentage below the average list price for a Zip Code. This is to assist in finding potential investment properties. Uses Truila API. 



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